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What is MyAPHL, and how can it benefit me as an APHL member?

MyAPHL is the member homepage on aphl.org. Here members can access their workspaces and committees, search the member directory, register for conferences and trainings, review saved pages/topics and update contact information. APHL will notify members of new functions and content as they become available.

 Do nonmembers have access to MyAPHL?

Nonmembers registered on the APHL.ORG site can register for conferences and trainings or access saved pages/topics through MyAPHL.

 I’m an APHL member involved in several association workgroups and a committee. How can I find the online workspaces for these groups?

In the upper right of the home page, click on the “MyAPHL” button and enter your login information. You will see your workspaces and committees listed on the right of the MyAPHL page. Click on a link to be directed to the workspace or committee.

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 Site Login

 I can’t remember my password. What should I do?

Select "Forgot Your Password" on the login page, and your password will be emailed to you.

 I have an account, but the system is not taking my login information. What should I do?

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you are a member of APHL, please contact the Information Systems Specialist. If you have attended APHL or NLTN educational programs but are not an APHL member, please contact the APHL registrar at 240.485.2787.

 How do I create a user account?

On the login page, click on “Create an Account Here.” It only takes a minute to set up the account.

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Site Errors

 How do I report a problem on the APHL.ORG site?

Please email the Information Systems Specialist with a brief description of the problem.

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How do I register for an APHL conference or training?

Click on the “Education” navigation tab at the top of any APHL web page. From there, you’ll be directed to a landing page with options for courses, conferences and other educational offerings. Select 1) the category of interest to you (e.g., “Course Calendar”), 2) the program title (e.g., “Packaging and Shipping Division 6.2 Materials”) and 3) the registration link on the program page.

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 I want to post a job/resume to the APHL Job Center. Where can I find it?

The APHL Job Center is located under the Careers page. Members, including corporate members, receive discounted rates on job postings.

 Do you have a listing of APHL member laboratories?

A listing of APHL member laboratories is available on the About Public Health Labs page. Click on a link to be directed to the respective laboratory website. Addresses are provided for laboratories that do not have websites.

 I’d like to find a mentor/serve as a mentor through the APHL mentoring program for emerging laboratory professionals in public health. How can I become involved?

Email mentoring@aphl.org for more information about our mentoring opportunities.

 I’d like to share my professional expertise as a volunteer with APHL’s Global Health Program. How can I become involved?

Email globalvolunteer@aphl.org for more information about international laboratory volunteering opportunities.

 Who is the APHL media contact?

Reporters may contact Michelle Forman, Senior Specialist, Media at michelle.forman@aphl.org, 240.485.2793. Additional information is available on the Media Center page.

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 Corporate Resources

 Can corporations join APHL?

APHL offers the Sustaining Membership Program to connect companies serving the public health sector with laboratory decision makers. Review the current roster of Sustaining Members here. Contact Linette Granen, Director, Membership & Marketing, for more information.

 Laboratories in public health represent an important share of my company’s market. How can I find out about opportunities to raise our visibility with leaders in these institutions?

See the Corporate Opportunities page and contact Linette Granen, Director, Membership & Marketing, for more information.

I am interested in advertising in the APHL quarterly magazine, Lab Matters. How can I learn more?

Our rate sheet is available for your review.
Go to the Publications page to read the current Lab Matters feature. 

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 Policy Resources

 Where can I find APHL position statements and fact sheets?

Go to The Issues page under “Policy” to find position statements. Fact sheets are available on the Priorities page. 

 How can I learn about recent policy initiatives?

See Taking Action under the “Policy” section.

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Copyrights and Privacy Policy

 Who took the photographs that appear on APHL.org?

There are variety of sources of the photographs that appear on our website. Please refer to the Copyright Notice and Photo Credits page for more details. 

 What is APHL's Privacy Policy for its Website?

The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) respects the privacy of visitors to its website. Please see the Privacy Policy page for details.   

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