Meeting Community Needs

Meeting Community Health Needs
Meeting Community Health Needs through Environmental Laboratories
Are you concerned about possible disease clusters in your neighborhood? How about hazardous waste potentially contaminating your drinking water? Are you worried about chemicals in the shampoo, deodorant or toothpaste you are using? Well, this site is for you!

Too often APHL learns about situations in which environmental health laboratories might have helped answer questions related to community health concerns by providing reliable scientific findings. Such stories frustrate scientists in our member laboratories, which are equipped with advanced technology and highly trained chemists dedicated to protecting and improving public health. 

Public health laboratories, like all agencies, have their limitations. For instance, they cannot test a urine sample that is brought to them in a mayonnaise jar (they follow specific guidelines related to study development, including sample collection). They also must work within the confines of their public health mission, the public health system, and the scientific process

We hope to help you navigate the governmental environmental health system, while ultimately improving that very same system for other concerned communities. Come check out our tools and resources to see what we’ve accomplished so far. Then tell us what’s going on in your community and how we might help.