Medical Laboratory Science Training with Mozambiquean Students, Miami Dade University

APHL has a long and rich working relationship with Mozambique, a country that has prioritized development of an effective national laboratory system.


APHL has supported laboratory strengthening in Mozambique since 2004. HIV testing -- which took several weeks when APHL initiated its engagement in the country -- can now be completed within one to two hours and treatment initiated the same day. Technical assistance includes laboratory management training, development of laboratory information management systems, capacity building for the national reference laboratory in Maputo, equipment procurement and design of a system for monitoring the location of laboratory workers nationwide. This system allows resources to be shifted rapidly during health emergencies.

Laboratory Management Workshop

APHL coordinated a Laboratory Management Workshop in Nammacha, Mozambique using exercises and workshop material designed and selected for staff at multiple levels of the laboratory system. The workshop was presented entirely in Portuguese to thirty-five managers and supervisors from 10 provinces. The workshop introduced basic managerial concepts and methods using practical exercises and role playing. Participants gained practical skills in analyzing, enhancing and improving health laboratory management and developed insight into methods for future planning. APHL along with representatives from the Mozambique Ministry of Health, and the Public Health Laboratory Network, an Australasian collaborative microbiology group, facilitated sessions covering modules from the association's curriculum.

Laboratory Information Management System

APHL implemented a pilot Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in Mozambique to support treatment of HIV/AIDS patients. The system links instruments for CD4, hematology and biochemistry testing to the laboratory database.