3D Illustration of Generic Influenza Virion Ultrastructure with Outer Protein Coat Cut-Away, CDC Public Health Image Library#

Public health laboratories perform influenza testing for diagnosis, routine surveillance and novel influenza virus detection. Surveillance testing informs local, national and international influenza surveillance systems by providing valuable data for vaccine virus selection.

Influenza virologic surveillance RIght Size Project
Influenza Virologic Surveillance Right Size Roadmap
Influenza Surveillance
3D Illustration of Generic Influenza Virion Ultrastructure, CDC Public Health Image Library, 2009, 91x91#
International Efforts
Negative-Stained Transmission Electron Micrograph (TEM) of Influenza Virus Particle Ultrastructural Details, CDC-PHIL#, 1981
Post Pandemic Efforts
APHL Interactive Publication - Lessons from a Virus: Public Health Laboratories Respond to H1N1 Pandemic