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Laboratory Response Network

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Protecting the Nation by Responding to Public Health Threats

The LRN is a national security asset providing rapid detection of biological, chemical, radiological and other public health threats.


Mission: The LRN and its partners will maintain an integrated national and international network of laboratories that can respond quickly to acts of chemical or biological terrorism, emerging infectious diseases and other public health threats and emergencies.

Founded by APHL, CDC and the FBI in 1999 to improve US readiness for bioterrorism, today the Laboratory Response Network (LRN) is equipped to respond to acts of biological or chemical terrorism, emerging infectious disease, natural disasters and other public health threats.

The LRN for Biological Terrorism Preparedness utilizes a tiered construct of sentinel clinical, reference and national laboratories as an integrated network for rapid detection and response to threats. State and local public health, clinical, federal, military, veterinary, agricultural, environmental and international laboratories contribute to the LRN as a unique asset in preparedness. This linking of laboratories is unprecedented.

The LRN is a valuable resource for law enforcement and public health with significant investments in state and local public health infrastructure. As a strategic partner in the LRN, APHL supports key activities such as training laboratorians, quality improvement initiatives, surge capacity and exercise planning, shaping national policies and fostering partnerships.