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Hands-On Laboratory Workshops

Hands-On Laboratory Workshops

Hands-on laboratory workshops, or “wet workshops,” combine lecture, discussion and state-of-the-art laboratory exercises.


Laboratory Identification of Emerging Pathogenic Molds - A Basic Course

Date: June 3-5, 2014
Location: CDC, Atlanta, GA
Registration Fee:No Charge!

This workshop will have an application process and acceptance into the workshop is required to attend. Marketing and application information will be sent out in early 2014. For questions regarding course content please contact Karen Angel at and questions regarding registration or logistics please contact Monet King at

This basic-level, hands-on workshop in the identification of medically important molds includes both lecture and laboratory components. This course will cover a range of organisms commonly isolated from superficial, subcutaneous, and systemic infections of humans as well as a number of common laboratory contaminants. These organisms will include arthrospore-forming molds, aleuriosporic molds, common dermatophytes, a range of common molds that form enteroblastic and holoblastic conidia, and a range of mucoraceous molds. Methods for DNA-based identification and susceptibility testing will also be discussed.

This basic-level workshop is intended for persons who are not experienced in the identification of medically important molds. These persons include public health laboratorians, clinical laboratory microbiologists, medical technologists, infectious disease physicians, and dermatologists.

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