​​​​​​​Genomic Data Internship Program

APHL is offering paid laboratory internships to train and prepare students for careers in public health laboratories. Funded through the American Rescue Plan, interns join the public health laboratory teams to make in impact on protecting the health of their communities. Genomic Data Interns provide public health laboratories part-time bioinformatics support. Depending on their expertise, genomic data interns can assist with data upload, bioinformatics analyses and data visualization, among other tasks. Laboratories are matched with specialists who have the skills needed for their projects.

​​​All APHL member state, local and territorial public health laboratories, and non-federal environmental, chemical, agricultural, veterinary and food safety laboratories may apply to host APHL interns. ​​Mentors from APHL member or non-member labs are encouraged to apply as long as the mission of their lab supports public health. Prior to application submission, please review the host laboratory and mentor requirements ​outlined below.​

The Genomic Data Internship is a remote opportunity. Intern placement is dependent on host laboratory and intern availability. There are no relocation funds available for interns. If your university has a laboratory and your findings can be reported back to a public health laboratory, please contact us at internships@aphl.org ​to confirm your eligibility. 

Applications Are Now Open!

Application Portal

Questions About the Application Process?

If you have questions about the application process, please send us an email at internships@aphl.org.