LisaChilcoteDirector, Human
Leads Human Resources Program, including human capital and performance management, benefits, compensation and HR systems administration.
CarolClarkChief Operating

Oversees the administrative and operational areas of APHL, including Accounting, Grants Management, Legal, Information Systems, Information Technology and Office Management. In addition, Carol oversees Marketing and Member Services and Strategic Communication. She also manages the development and formalization of APHL's international operations, and the development and implementation of APHL's three-year strategic map.

EricBlankSenior Director, Public Health Systems and

Responsible for guidance and oversight of APHL's scientific programs, as well as the Informatics, Quality Systems, Institutional Research and Global Health programs.


Responsible for programmatic and fiscal operations, policy development and strategy. Under his leadership, APHL has expanded its member services, deepened its partnerships across the federal laboratory community and strengthened the laboratory voice in public policy.

HeatherChristianoDirector, Grants

​Responsible for the oversight and administration of grants received by APHL. Heather manages the compliance and monitoring activities of federally-funded grants.

LinetteGranenDirector, Membership &

​Oversees membership recruitment, engagement, strategy and customer service, as well as the marketing and branding of APHL and its products, events and services. Linette also manages corporate relations and non-federal revenue generation through corporate support, sponsorships, sales of products/services and APHL educational webinars.

LoreleiKurimskiDirector, Institutional Research

Leads knowledge management and quality systems, including the Laboratory System Improvement Program. Responsible for the management and oversight of data collection, data analysis and dissemination of information. Oversees additional programmatic activities, including database implementation, online resource management and data visualization dashboard development.
PeterKyriacopoulosSenior Director, Public

Serves as the principal public policy advisor to the executive director and Board of Directors of APHL. He provides strategic advice on national policy directions, administration initiatives, Congressional interests and other Washington dynamics that affect the membership of APHL. Peter is also a frequent consultant to senior CDC leadership.

ChrisMangalDirector, Public Health Preparedness and

Responsible for providing programmatic oversight and scientific leadership to respond to public health threats. Chris works to improve laboratory practices, biosafety, biosecurity and policies for the detection of public health threats, as well as to strengthen partnerships among laboratories, federal agencies and private organizations involved in emergency preparedness and response.

JeliliOjoduDirector, Newborn Screening and

Responsible for leadership, guidance and direction of the Newborn Screening and Genetics program at APHL. Jelili is also the project director for the Newborn Screening Technical assistance and Evaluation Programs (NewSTEPs), which support state newborn screening programs across the US.

EvaPerlmanSenior Director, Professional

Leads APHL workforce programs to advance technical and leadership skill building through continuing education and training. Initiatives include the National Laboratory Training Network, the National Center for Public Health Laboratory Leadership and the APHL/CDC Public Health Laboratory Fellowship programs.

PandoraRayDirector, National Center for Public Health Laboratory Leadership (NCPHLL)

​​Provides strategic guidance and oversight of programs to recruit, develop and promote the national public health laboratory workforce. Pandora oversees compliance with the CDC Cooperative Agreement and development of the annual Emerging Infectious Disease Fellowship and Emerging Leader programs.

LucyMaryogo-RobinsonDirector, Global

Serves as the principal investigator for the APHL Cooperative Agreement with the Division of Global HIV/AIDS and TB at CDC. Lucy also manages a portfolio for PEPFAR and GHSA to support laboratory strengthening initiatives in 18 countries in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.

ShariSheaDirector, Food

​Leads efforts to prepare the public health workforce to detect and characterize foodborne illnesses, enhance collaborative foodborne disease investigations and support accreditation of food and feed testing laboratories as a building block to an integrated food safety system.

RalphTimperiSenior Advisor, Lab Practice and

Evaluates, designs, and develops strategies and initiatives that support APHL program activities. He advises on systems strengthening for national and domestic laboratory practice and management, and mentors staff to encourage their growth and success.


Responsible for oversight and management of APHL's legal risks and obligations. He ensures that APHL operates in compliance with applicable legislation, rules and regulations and coordinates its legal response and related resources. Troy also supervises negotiation of all contracts and legal documents.

JodyDeVollDirector, Strategic

​Responsible for aligning APHL communications initiatives with the association’s strategic plan. Jody oversees APHL publications, social media, media relations and website content.

KellyWroblewskiDirector, Infectious

​Responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and management of APHL’s infectious disease programs and activities. She provides leadership to strengthen and expand the role of public health laboratories in addressing infectious disease issues.

PatinaZarcone-GagneDirector, Informatics Program

Responsible for the management and oversite of informatics development activities and projects with the ultimate goal of increasing data messaging and interoperability across the public health system. Her major projects include the management and development of the APHL Informatics Messaging Services (AIMS) Platform and piloting projects such as electronic initial case reporting (eICR), and informatics workforce development.

CatherineJohnsonDirector, Education and

​Leads team dedicated to developing and delivering learning activities to advance technical and leadership skill building through continuing education and training. Initiatives include the National Laboratory Training Network, Public Health Laboratory Competencies and training activities in collaboration with APHL Program staff.

JulianneNassifDirector, Environmental

​Responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and management of APHL’s environmental health programs and activities. She provides leadership to strengthen and expand the role of public health and environmental laboratories in addressing environmental health concerns and in connecting the laboratories to the environmental health system.​