​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Welcome & Introductions​

Speakers: Patty Lewandowski, Bureau Chief and Marie-Claire Rowlinson, Assistant Laboratory Director, Florida  Bureau of Public Health Laboratories – Jacksonville

DFWED Leadership Opening Remarks

Speaker: Rob Tauxe (CDC)

Session I: The Future is Here: PulseNet/OutbreakNet Transition to WGS

Lessons Learned from an Outbreak: Listeria monocytogenes Infections Linked to Deli Ham​

Moderator: Amanda Conrad (CDC)
​Speakers: Katherine McCombs (VA), Lauren Turner (VA), Nicole Lee (NC) and Natasha Dowell (CDC)

PHAC Experience with WGS Transition: Successes and Pitfalls​

Moderator: Ian Williams (CDC)
Speaker: Meghan Hamel (PHAC)

Open Discussion
Moderator: Ian Williams (CDC)

Session II: The Future is Here: Managing New Workflows

Moderators: Lauren Turner (VA) and Venkata Vepachedu (PA)

Managing New Workflows
Speakers: Jeannette Dill (TN), Katie G​arman (TN)​, Bill Wolfgang (NY) and Amy Robbins (NY)​

WGS Tools and Predicted Resistance​
Speakers: Steven Stroika (CDC) and Ian Plumb (CDC)

Open Discussion
Moderators: Amanda Conrad (CDC) and Lauren Turner (VA)

PulseNet Track

Adapting Workflows for WGS: Where Are We Now and What’s to Come?
Moderators: Eric Vaughn (MA)​, Laurn Mank (CT) and Brain Sauders (NY Ag)​

Open Discussion: Laboratory Workflow Presentations: Continued
Moderators:  Eric Vaughn (MA), Laurn Mank (CT) and Brian Sauders (NY Ag)​

OutbreakNet and Environmental Health Track

WGS Transition: Moving Forward
Moderator: Laura Gieraltowski (CDC)

Overview of WGS Transition
Speaker: Laura Gieraltowski (CDC)

Updates from the WGS Working Groups
Speakers: Mackenzie Tewell (AZ) and Lisha Constantine-Renna (TN)

State’s Perspective on Local Cluster Detection and Open Discussion
Speaker: Kelly Kline (PA)

WGS Transition: Moving Forward (Cont.)
Moderator: Laura Gieraltowski (CDC)

Communications Surrounding WGS and Other Communications Updates​
Speaker: Natasha Dowell (CDC)


Applied Maths IT
Speaker: Kyle Kingsley

NCBI Pathogen Detection Pipeline Demo​
Speakers: Amy Robbins (NY), Kate Purcell (NY) and Paula Pennell-Huth (NY)

Foodborne and Diarrheal Diseases Message Mapping Guide Session   
Speakers: Michael Hughes (CDC-NST), Nicole Kikuchi (FL) and Kelly Barrett (CDC)

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sunrise Sessions

BioNumerics 7.6 Q&A
Speaker: CDC PulseNet Staff

One Health ​
Speaker: Zachary D. McCormic (NH)

Updates on Efforts for Controlling Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) in Retail Delicatessens
Best Practices Guidance for Controlling Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) in Retail Delicatessens
- FSIS document and associated in-commerce surveillance

Multistate Listeria monocytogenes Outbreak Linked to Multiple Retail Delis in the Northeast-Perspectives from NYC and CDC
Speakers: HaeNa Waechter (NYC) and Amanda Conrad (CDC)

Retail Deli Food Safety Practices: Data from an Observational Study​
Speaker: Laura G. Brown (CDC - NCEH)

PulseNet Track

Guidance for Implementing & Conducting PN Surveillance Using WGS: What You Need to Know
Moderators: Kelley Hise (CDC) and Laurn Mank (CT)

Updates from CDC: Clustering Schemes & Interpretation of cgMLST Da​ta ​
Speaker: Beth Tolar (CDC)

Guidance for Implementing & Conducting PN Surveillance Using WGS
- BioNumerics v7.6 Transition: Perspectives from Pilot Labs
Speakers: Deb Baker (NY Pilot Lab)​, Lauren Turner and Kelsey Holloman (VA Pilot Lab)​, Lisha Constantine-Renna (TN Pilot Lab)​

Addressing QA/QC: Looking Through the Magnifying Glass
Moderators: Bill Wolfgang (NY) and Lavin Joseph (CDC)

Overview: Wet Lab Sequence Quality​
Speaker: Eija Trees (CDC)

Overview: Dry Lab (BioNumerics) Sequence Quality ​
Speakers: Lavin Joseph (CDC) and Heather Carlton (CDC)​

Discussion: Experience at the Public Health Labs Producing Good/Bad Quality Sequence Data
Speakers: Kevin Libuit (VA)​, Bill Wolfgang (NY) and Brain Sauders (NY Ag)

CDC Guidance/Experience with CLIA ​
Speakers: Maryann Turnsek (CDC) and Rebecca Lindsey (CDC)

OutbreakNet and Environmental Health Track

Outbreak Successes and Challenges: Part I - Interesting and Local Outbreaks
Moderator: Amy Robbins (NY)

Outbreak of Vibrio in Imported Lump Crab Meat​
Speakers: Jordan Cahoon (MD) and Erin Stokes (CDC)

ETEC/EAEC Outbreak​
Speakers: Genevieve Caron (RI)

Chicken and Rice E. coli Outbreak​
Speakers: Emily Harvey (MA), Frank Gyan (MA) and Tracy Stiles (MA)

Outbreak Successes and Challenges: Part II -Challenging Outbreaks
Moderators: Nkuchia M’ikanatha (PA) and Aimee Krauss (CT)

E. coli Linked to Ground Beef in Florida​
Speakers: Natasha Dowell (CDC) and Jamie Dement (FL)

Salmonella Reading Infections Linked to Raw Turkey Products​
Speakers: Rashida Hassan (CDC) and Kossia Dassie (DC)

Drug Resistant Shigella Surveillance in NYC and Multi-drug Resistant Shigella sonnei Outbreak in a Retirement Community, Vermont
Speakers: Vasudha Reddy (NYC), Veronica Fialkowski (VT) and Valerie Devlin (VT)

Foodborne Outbreak Investigation from an Environmental Health Perspective
Moderator: Beth Wittry (CDC)

CDC’s Foodborne Outbreak National Environmental Assessment Reporting System: Improving Outbreak Investigation and Prevention (NEARS)​
Speaker: Laura Brown (CDC)

Using Environmental Sampling to Solve and Stop Outbreaks 
Speaker: Margaret Mahoney (NYS)

Luster Dust Bust​
Speaker: Brendalee Viveiros (RI)

Outbreak Successes and Challenges: Part III

Restaurant Outbreaks and Environmental Assessments
Moderator: Beth Wittry (CDC)

A Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis Associated with Shell Eggs
Speakers: Amanda Ingram (AL) and Danny Ripley (TN)

Salmonella Montevideo, Restaurant Recidivist​
Speaker: Mackenzie Tewell (AZ)

Perspectives in Exclusion
Speakers: HaeNa Waechter (NYC), Liz Hannapel (GA)​ and David Young (SC)


Outbreaks and Sensitive Populations: Hepatitis A Among Drug Users, Food Handlers and the Homeless Population
Speaker: Traci Hudson (WV)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Future is Here: Where Are We Now with CIDTs?
Moderators: Ellyn Marder (CDC) and Kelley Hise (CDC)

FoodNet Perspective
Speaker: Ellyn Marder (CDC)

EDLB Isolate Recovery Studies​
Speaker: Heather Carleton (CDC)

Panel Discussion
Speakers: Vasudha Reddy (NYC), Sharon Hurd (CT), Heather Carleton (CDC), Steffany Cavallo (TN), David Young (SC) and Megan Davis (SC)

ELC Panel Discussion
Moderators: De’Lisa Simpson (CDC) and Kristy Kubota (APHL)

ELC Update​
Speaker: Anna Newton (CDC)

Discussion from High and Low Burden Laboratories
Speakers: Stacy Reeves (GA) and Christopher Benton (NH)​

Discussion from the Epi Perspective in High and Low Burden States
Speakers: Zach McCormic (NH), Hope Dishman (GA), and Katie Garman (​TN)​

Wrap Up Outbreak: Lessons Learned from E. coli O157:H7 Linked to Romaine Lettuce​
Moderators: Anna Newton (CDC) and Frances Tilashalski (CDC)
Speakers: Laura Gieraltowski (CDC), Natasha Dowell (CDC) and Mackenzie Tewell (AZ)


Closing Remarks
Speaker: Rob Tauxe (CDC)

CoE Resources
Speakers: Katie Garman (​TN)​​