​​​​Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Welcome & Introductions                               
Speaker: Dr. Sayone Thihalolipavan, Deputy Public Health Officer (San Diego)

DFWED Leadership Opening Remarks
Speaker: Rob Tauxe (CDC)

Session I: The Future is Here: PulseNet/OutbreakNet Transition to WGS

Moderator: Matt Wise (CDC)

Lessons Learned from an Outbreak: E. coli O157:H7 Linked to Romaine Lettuce
Speakers: Colin Basler (CDC), Natasha Dowell (CDC)​, Doug Karas (FDA CORE), Anna Frick (AK), Teressa Lopez (AZ)​ and Kevin Gerrity (FDA)

PHAC Experience with WGS Transition: Successes and Pitfalls​
Speaker: Rachel McCormick (PHAC)

Session II: The Future is Here: Managing New Workflows

Moderator: Thai-An Nguyen (CDC) and Connor Hoff (CDC)

Managing New Workflows
Speakers: Julia Wolfe (CA-OC), Catherine Pongratz (AK), Roxy Meek (WA) and Kenneth Davis (UT)

WGS Tools and Predicted Resistance
Speakers: Steven Stroika (CDC) and Jared Reynolds (CDC)

PulseNet Track

Adapting Workflows for WGS: Where Are We Now and What’s to Come?
Moderators: Julia Wolfe (CA-OC) and Catherine Pongratz (AK)

CDC Updates
Speaker: Kelley Hise (CDC)

Perspective from WA Pilot Lab
Speaker: Roxy Meek (WA)

Perspective from Colorado Pilot Lab
Speaker: Joel Sevinsky (CO)

Round Robin (Table Discussion)
Managing Workflows Panel Discussion & Q/A: Perspectives from the States
Moderators: Kelly Oakeson (UT) and Morgan Schroeder (CDC)
Speakers:  Catherine Pongratz (AK), Kelly Oakeson (UT) and Robert Parker (FSIS)

Panelists: Julia Wolfe (CAOC), Joel Sevinsky (CO), and Roxy Meek (WA), Catherine Pongratz (AK), Kelly Oakeson (UT) and Robert Parker (FSIS)

OutbreakNet and Environmental Health Track

WGS Transition: Moving Forward
Moderators: Beth Melius (WA) and Jessie Marus (CDC)

WGS Transition Overview​
Speaker: Matt Wise (CDC)

Updates from WGS Working Groups
Speakers: June Bancroft (OR) and Selam Tecle (CA)​

WGS Transition: Moving Forward (Cont.)
Moderator: Laura Gieraltowski (CDC)

Communications Surrounding WGS and other Communication Updates​
Speakers: Natasha Dowell (CDC) and Aaron Lavallee (FSIS)


NCBI Pathogen Detection Pipeline ​
Speakers: Jessie Marus (CDC) and Logan Fink (CO)

Learning from Lessons Learned Session: Best Practices and FDA After-Action Portal Demonstration
Speaker: Travis Goodman (FDA)

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Sunrise Session

Foodborne and Diarrheal Diseases Message Mapping Guide Session
Speakers: June Bancroft (OR)​, Michael Hughes (CDC-NST), Erin Stokes (CDC-NST) and Ellyn Marder (CDC)​

PulseNet Track

Guidance for Implementing & Conducting PN Surveillance Using WGS: What You Need to Know
Moderators: Joel Sevinsky (CO) and Kelley Hise (CDC)

Introduction and NGS Overview
Speaker: Joel Sevinsky (CO)

CDC Update: Cluster Detection and Reporting Guidelines
Speaker: Molly Leeper (CDC)

Using WGS for Surveillance and Cluster Detection, and Epi Investigations in Washington
Speakers: Drew MacKellar (WA) and Krisandra Allen (WA)

Perspectives from the States: Communication & Reporting: OR’s Experience
Speakers: Karim Morey and June Bancroft (OR)

Perspectives from the States: Communication ​& Reporting: CA’s Experience
Speakers: Jacqueline Lui and Hilary Rosen (CA)

Addressing QA/QC: Looking Through the Magnifying Glass
Moderators: Rebecca Lindsey (CDC), Julia Wolfe (CA-OC) and Catherine Pongratz (AK)

Wet Lab Sequence Quality
Speaker: Angela Poates (CDC)

Dry Lab Sequence Quality
​Speaker: Morgan Schroeder (CDC)

Implementation of NGS in Public Health Laboratories: A Quality Systems Approach
Speaker: Kristy Kubota (APHL)

What Qualifies as Quality? 
Speaker: Logan Fink (CO)

CDC Experiences with CLIA, ANI and Subtyping
Speaker: Rebecca Lindsey (CDC)

Oregon’s Experiences with CLIA​
Speaker: Karim Morey (OR)

UT’s Experience with SeqSero Serotyping CLIA Validation ​
Speaker: Kelly Oakeson (UT)

Panel Discussion with States and CDC
Speakers: Rebecca Lindsey (CDC), Roxy Meek (WA), Karim Morey (OR) and Kelly Oakeson (UT)

OutbreakNet and Environmental Health Track

Outbreak Successes and Challenges: Part I
Interesting and Local Outbreaks
Moderator: Thai-An Nguyen (CDC) and Nicolette Janoski (TX)

Vibrio CIDT, Investigations, and Regulatory Action
Speakers: Erin Stokes (CDC)​ and Laurie Stewart (WA)

An Elusive Listeria Strain
Speakers: Nereida Corral (CO) and Jessie Marus (CDC)

Botulism in a Salad at a Fair
Speaker: Kate Helfrich (AK)

Communication Tools for Outbreaks
Speaker: Natasha Dowell (CDC)

Outbreak Successes and Challenges: Part II
Zoonotic Outbreaks
Moderator: Colin Basler (CDC)

Guinea Pig Outbreak - Salmonella Enteritidis
Speakers: Nereida Corral (CO) and Lauren Stevenson (CDC)​

Brief Overview of CDFA - Salmonella Hadar investigation at a California Hatchery​
Speakers: Sarah Mize (CDFA) and Maureen Lee-Dutra (CDFA)

Zoonotic Outbreak Prevention Panel and Open Discussion
Speakers: Lauren Stevenson (CDC), Sarah Mize (CDFA) and Nereida Corral (CO)

Foodborne Outbreak Investigation from an Environmental Health Perspective
Moderator: Aron Hall (CDC)

CDC’s Foodborne Outbreak National Environmental Assessment Reporting System: Improving Outbreak Investigation and Prevention (NEARS) ​
Speaker: Beth Wittry (CDC)

Norovirus in a Las Vegas Resort ​
Speaker: Lauren DiPrete (Southern NV)

Luster Dust Bust​
Speaker: Brendalee Viveiros (RI)

Outbreak Successes and Challenges: Part III

Environmental Assessments Session
Moderators: Travis Goodman (FDA) and Mike Needham (CA-FDB)

Salmonella Infections Linked to Kratom
Speakers: June Bancroft (OR) and Mackenzie Fuller (WA)

Exclusions and Hepatitis A​
Speakers: Eric McDonald (San Diego) ​and Heather Watson (San Diego)

Retrospective Investigations Session​
Speaker: Jessie Marus (CDC)


BioInformatics Q/A
Speaker: Logan Fink (CO)

Marijuana Edibles and Food Safety
Speakers: Elizabeth Landeen (NEHA) and Richard Pruckler (Denver Health Department)

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Future is Here: Where are we Now with CIDTs?
Moderators: Ellyn Marder (CDC) and Kelley Hise (CDC)

FoodNet Perspective​
Speaker: Ellyn Marder (CDC)

EDLB Isolate Recovery Studies ​
Speaker: Jo Williams (EDLB)

Panel Discussion
Speakers: Catherine Xavier (AK), Krisandra Allen (WA), Sarah Totten (CO), Stephanie Abromaitis (CA), Elisha Wilson (CO) and Jo Williams (EDLB)

ELC Panel Discussion
Moderators: Kristy Kubota (APHL) and Angelica O’Conner (CDC)

State Perspectives
Speakers: Zenda Berrada (CA-MDL), S​eema Jain (CA), Wanda Manley (WY) and Tiffany Greenlee (WY)

CoE Resources
Speaker: Alice White (CO)

ELC Update
Speaker: Anna Newton (CDC)

Wrap Up Outbreak: Salmonella Montevideo Persistent in a Restaurant Environment ​
Moderators: Julia Wolfe (CA-OC) and Joel Sevinsky (CO)
Speakers: Julia Wolfe (CA-OC) ​and Kaitlyn Snyder (AZ)

Closing Remarks
Speaker: Ian Williams (CDC)

Other Resources:

Research Article: Downy mildew disease promotes the colonization of romaine lettuce by ​Escherichia coli O157:H7 and ​Salmonellla ​enterica​​​​