​GenomeTrakr Meeting (October 27–28, 2020​)

​The 2020 GenomeTrakr Meeting featured presentations from federal, state and academic partners who participate in FDA's GenomeTrakr Network, the first distributed network of laboratories utilizing whole genome sequencing for pathogen characterization. Meeting participants heard from various federal partners, discuss best practices and common challenges, and learn about ​​​how states are using whole genome sequencing data to detect and speed up the response to foodborne outbreak investigations.

Tuesday, October 27, 2​​020

Welcome/Economic Impact of Adopting WGS 
Speakers: Steve Musser (FDA—CFSAN), Marc Allard (FDA—CFSAN), Bradley Brown (FDA) and Travis Minor( (FDA)

Federal Updates 
Moderator: Ruth Timme (FDA)
Speakers: Don Burr (FDA), Oligica Ceric (FDA), Patrick McDermott (FDA), Glenn Tillman (USDA/FSIS), Kelley Hise (CDC) ​​​​and Arjun Prasad (NCBI Pathogen Detection)

Dual Capacity Building and Lessons for the Future
Speakers: William Wolfgang (New York State Department of Health—Wadsworth) and Lauren Turner (Virginia Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services)

Wednesday, Octob​​er 28, 2020

Validation Progress & Analyses/Expanding & Standardizing Metadata
Moderator: William Wolfgang (New York Department of Health—Wadworth)
Speakers: Christopher Grim (FDA), Patrick Mitchell (Cornell University), Errol Strain (FDA) and Maria Balkey (FDA)

Use of WGS for Regulatory Food Testing
Moderator: Alysso Dickey (New York Department of Agriculture of Agriculture and Marketing)
Speakers: Brian Sauders (New York Department of Agriculture and Marketing) and Melanie Prarat (ADDL, Ohio Department of Agriculture)

Validation Efforts/ Closing Remarks
Speakers: Ruth Timme (FDA), Maryann Turnsek (CDC), Michelle Moore (FDA), Paul Morin (FDA—Northeast Food and Feed Laboratory), Lauren Turner (Virginia Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services) and Eric Brown (FDA)

Galaxy Trakr Training (October 28–​29, 2020)

Introduction to Galaxy Trakr Course

Morning Session: Advanced Galaxy Trakr Tool Demonstration

Afternoon Session: Advanced Galaxy Trakr Tool Demonstration