​​GenomeTrakr Meeting (October 12–13, 2021​)

​The 2021 GenomeTrakr Meeting featured presentations from federal, state and academic partners who participate in FDA's GenomeTrakr Network, the first distributed network of laboratories utilizing whole genome sequencing for pathogen characterization. Meeting participants heard from various federal partners, discuss best practices and common challenges, and learn about ​​​how states are using whole genome sequencing data to detect and speed up the response to foodborne outbreak investigations.

Tuesday, October 12, 2​​021

Speaker: David Lipman (FDA)

Toward Geographic Attribution of Salmonella using WGS Data: Practicality and Interpretability
Speaker: Xiangyu Deng (University of Georgia)

Federal Updates I​
Moderator: Ruth Timme (FDA)
Speakers: Ruth Timme (FDA), Christina Chrysogelos (ORA), Kelley Hise (CDC)

Federal Updates II​
Moderator: Julie Haendiges (FDA)
Speakers: Glenn Tillman (USDA/FSIS), Patrick McDermott; Greg Tyson (CVM:NARMS and Vet-LRN) ​​​​and Arjun Prasad (NCBI Pathogen Detection)

Utilizing Nanopore Technology
Moderator: Julie Haendiges (FDA)
Speakers: Mustafa Simmons, Kasey Thompson (USDA FSIS); Maria Hoffman, Padmini Ramachandran (FDA)

Wednesday, Octob​​er 13, 2021

ANI Validation
Moderator: William Wolfgang (New York Department of Health—Wadsworth)
Speakers: Rebecca Lyndsey (CDC);  Maria Balkey (FDA)

Metadata Updates and Applications I
Moderator: William Wolfgang (New York Department of Health—Wadworth)
Speakers: Jamie Pettengill, Ruth Timme, Allison Wellson​ (FDA); Lyndsay Bottichio (CDC)

Metadata Updates and Applications II
Moderator:  Brian Sauders (NY Ag & Markets)
Speakers: Julie Haendiges (FDA),  Abby Snyder (Cornell University), State Panel: Brian Sauders (NY Ag & Markets); Sam Myoda (IEH); Shannon Levesque (VA DCLS) 

Validation Efforts/ Closing Remarks
Speakers: Eric Brown, Michelle Moore (FDA), Paul Morin (FDA—Northeast Food and Feed Laboratory)