The InFORM 2013 Conference, a combined meeting of PulseNet, OutbreakNet and EHS-Net, was held in San Antonio, Texas, November 18-21, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio hotel. The meeting drew over 400 laboratorians, epidemiologists and environmental health professionals from the United States and 8 other countries. Participants represented federal, state and local public health, food and environmental regulatory agencies.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome Session
Moderator: Scott Becker, Association of Public Health Laboratories

Welcome to San Antonio: Dr. David Lakey, Texas Department of State Health Services Keynote Address: Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Welcome to InFORM 2013 Conference: Christopher Braden, CDC and Alfred V. Almanza, USDA FSIS

Session I: Food Science
Moderators: Lavin Joseph, Susan Lance, Brian Sauders

  • Nestle Cookie Dough Outbreak, Lessons Learned: Tim Jackson, Nestle USA
  • The Recall Procedure from a Distributor’s Perspective: Peggy Smith, Cowgirl Creamery
  • Food Adulteration: George Hughes, FBI/FDA
  • Pasteurization of Tree Nuts: Linda Harris, UC Davis

Session II: Foul Fruits: Agona-izing over Contaminated Papayas
Moderators: Deb Sheehan, Chris Carlson, Laura Gieraltowski, Ian Williams, Jonathan Yoder

Session III: Frozen E. coli snack: How did we find out about the added ingredient?
Moderators: Kristin Holt, Lauren Yeung, David Nicholas

Session IV: Beyond Food: Enteric Zoonoses and One Health
Moderators: Casey Barton Behravesh, Kirk Smith, Beth Tolar, Carol Selman

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sunrise Session Roundtables

Salmonella Serotyping
Moderators: Sung Im, Amy Bryant

CIFOR: Lab-Epi Software
Moderator: Kristy Kubota

BioNumerics for Super Users
Moderators: Pam Bywaters, Brian Sauders

Information Sharing Agreements
Moderator: Gary Norris

Concurrent Sessions

Water: Implications of Boil-water advisories for Food Service and Healthcare Settings
Moderators: Jonathan Yoder, Vince Radke

  • Epi Perspective: Jonathan Yoder, CDC
  • EH Perspective: Vince Radke, Carol Selman, CDC

Traceback and Chain of Custody
Moderators: David Nicholas, Kristin Holt, Lauren Yeung

Salmonella in Cucumbers: Where did it come from and how did we trace them back?

Traceback and Chain of Custody Resource Materials

Outbreak Dissection
Moderators: Carlota Medus, Roshan Reporter, Stacey Bosch, Ian Williams, Jamie DeMent, Matthew Wise

Hepatitis A in a berry blend containing pomegranate seeds

  • Epi perspective: Alicia Cronquist, CO and Meg Adams-Cameron, NM
  • CDC perspective: Melissa Collier, CDC
  • FDA traceback: Jennifer Beal, FDA

Salmonella Braenderup and Worthington outbreak associated with Mangoes

  • LA County, CA: Roshan Reporter, LAC
  • FDA/CORE: Katie Vierk, FDA
  • BC Centre for Disease Control, Canada: Marsha Taylor, BCCDC

Moderators: Don Sharp, Ernie Julian

Norovirus Outbreaks: A Collaborative Approach
Moderators: Leslie Barclay, Julia Wolfe, Michelle Samara-Timm

Next Generation Sequencing and New Technologies
Moderators: Molly Freeman, Neelam Narang, Ashley Sabol, Larry Ramdin

Palantir/SEDRIC Training
Moderators: Thai-An Nguyen, Jeshua Pringle, Matt Wise, Ian Williams

Individual Conference Sessions

PulseNet Track

PulseNet and Beyond: Updates on PulseNet International & New Technologies
Moderators: Brian Sauders, Peter Gerner-Smidt, Kristy Kubota

Challenges Labs Face, Learning as we Move Forward
Moderators: Julia Wolfe, Rebekah Berry, Steven Stroika, Jennifer Adams

Breakout Session: Breakout into groups by Area Laboratory/PulseNet Region

OutbreakNet and Environmental Health Track

Notes from the Field
Moderators: Venessa Cantu, Jamie DeMent

Cottage Food Industry Moderators: Suzanne Wilson, Janet Tucker, Hannah Gould, Ric Encarnacion

Thursday, November 21, 2013

PulseNet Track

Innovations in Subtyping of Bacterial Pathogens
Moderators: David Melka, Molly Freeman, Julia Wolfe, Ginette Dobbins

PulseNow and PulseNext…
Moderators: Kelley Hise, Steven Stroika, Jeannette Dill

PulseStar Awards

Closing Remarks
Peter Gerner-Smidt, CDC

Environmental Health Track

Environmental Health Award

Environmental Assessment Training
Moderator: Carol Selman

Environmental Health Updates and Activities – Listeria monocytogenes in delis
Moderators: Justin Henderson, Heidi Kassenborg, Marguerite Pappaioanou

Public Health on the High Seas; an overview of CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program Moderator: Vincent Radke

OutbreakNet Track

OutbreakNet Award

Notes from the Field
Moderators: Venessa Cantu, Jamie DeMent

Multi-state Outbreak(s) of Cyclosporiasis, 2013 Moderator:
Kirk Smith

Listeria Initiative
Moderator: Raj Mody

  • Overview of Listeria Initiative: Ben Silk, CDC
  • Overview of the new WGS Project: John Besser, CDC
  • Examples of how WGS has been of value in the first 3 months of the project: Ben Silk, CDC
  • Discussion of what can be done to make even more effective: Ben Silk, CDC

MLVA Interpretation for Epis
Moderators: Colin Schwensohn, Latoya Simmons
Speakers: Ashley Sabol, CDC and Joshua Rounds, MN

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