​The links below contain all the abstracts and received summary papers for the oral and poster presentations of the 2014 APHL Newborn Screening and Genetic Testing Symposium held in Anaheim, CA from October 27-30, 2014.

Each session and groups of the posters have separate links. You will need to scroll through the session and poster links to find a specific abstract/summary paper. The symposium schedule and list of posters are provided for easy perusal to determine which link has the abstract/summary paper for which you are looking. If a summary paper does not follow the abstract for an oral or poster presentation, then one was not submitted by the author/presenter. These links are not searchable in any manner. We hope you will find this information useful.

Symposium Schedule

Session 1 – Laboratory Updates
Session 2 – Clinical Outcomes
Session 3 – Molecular Advances
Follow-up 1 – Re-assessing Business as Usual in Follow-up
QA/QC 1 – Strategies to Reduce False Positives and False Negatives (Part 1)
Follow-up 2 – Emerging Conditions (Get Ready!)
QA/QC 2 – Strategies to Reduce False Positives and False Negatives (Part 2)
Session 4 – Financial, Legal, Ethical, Policy and Social Implications (FLEPSI)
Session 5 – Health Information Technology
Session 6 – Teach and Preach – Education Initiatives
Session 7 – Parent/Patient Panel (no abstracts or summary papers)
Session 8 – Candidate Conditions
Session 9 – Point of Care for Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD)
Session 10 – International Perspectives
Session 11 – No Time to Lose: Re-assessing Timeliness

List of Posters

Posters 1-15
Posters 16-30
Posters 31-45
Posters 46-60
Posters 61-83