"The APHL assessment provided workable, practical recommendations for increasing productivity and efficiency, all the while keeping our lab’s needs at the forefront."
—Alabama State Public Health Laboratory 


APHL General Consulting provides customized analysis and informed answers at an affordable price.

Our case-by-case consulting services range from operational process assessments, such as work flow space utilization, to aligning laboratory services with departmental priorities.

APHL General Consulting shares your public health mission, partnering to create customized solutions for your lab that keep affordability and efficiency top of mind. We understand the demands and restrictions of a working public health enterprise. In assessment, design and training, for the short or long term, we get in and get going—quickly finding manageable, practical ways to work with your staff and leadership at every phase. 

Organizational and Facility Assessments

APHL offers a menu of assessments and evaluations including:

  • Quality management system (QMS) assessments
  • Safety assessments
  • Test cost analysis
  • Review of operations and operational processes, including work flow and space utilization
  • Laboratory services and departmental priorities alignment
  • Staffing and workload analysis
  • Evaluation of internal and external communications among the laboratory, health
    departments and other stakeholders
  • Review of physical and mechanical plants for existing facilities
  • Observation of staffing levels, testing services and BSL space
  • Assessment of current facility’s ability to accommodate biosafety standards  

Interim Laboratory Director Services

A current trend creates a tough challenge for public health: more laboratory directors retiring and leaving. When a vacancy cannot be managed internally, APHL can help by providing:

  • Qualified individuals for interim position
  • Resources for director search
  • Services to keep transition smooth 

Custom-Created Action Report

After the assessment, you’ll receive a thorough but succinct report for the laboratory and health agency leadership, including:

  • Step-by-step recommendations
  • Rationales for buy-in
  • Contacts for help and questions
  • Resources for action

More Information​

For more information, contact Jill Taylor, senior advisor of sceintific affairs, Executive Managment and Governance at jill.taylor@aphl.org.