"We went from ‘Nope, can’t be done’ to ‘Done’ in four short days. We all benefited greatly from APHL’s technical expertise." - Michigan Public Health Laboratory

The environment of health reform, the need to meet meaningful use requirements, the increasing globalization of demand—these are just some of the challenges for rapid adoption faced by public health. Today’s information technology systems promise enormous efficiencies and new advancements for those who learn to use them.

We Do Short- & Long-term Consulting

APHL’s Informatics Consulting Services helps public health laboratories maximize current systems and make good IT investments. We offer short- and long-term consulting and project management to fit your needs. Our subject matter experts in informatics understand the current health environment and the need for clear, reliable, secure communication among diverse partners.

We Know Your Needs

We know your systems’ need to handle day-to-day volume and crises alike, and to do it efficiently and cost-effectively, into the future.

  • A cutting-edge, cloud-based data messaging environment that meets today’s HIPAA security requirements
  • Health informatics project management, short and long-term
  • Consulting around meaningful use regulation adoption and technical services for adoption readiness
  • Laboratory-based informatics strategic planning
  • Billing consulting, a joint venture of APHL and LabPoint
  • Policy and outreach based on your IT needs
  • Interoperability architecture assessments and improvement plans
  • Standardized vocabulary and electronic data messaging
  • Scientific/medical subject matter expertise
  • LOINC, SNOMED and HL7 adoption
  • Personalized education and training for staff and partners

We've Completed Hundreds of Projects

With APHL IT guidance and assistance, health departments have successfully completed hundreds of projects in areas including:

  • International and domestic laboratory information system implementations
  • Laboratory data messaging
  • Meaningful use regulation adoption

Find Out More

Contact Patina Zarcone-Gagne, MPH, director, Informatics, 240.485.2788, patina.zarcone@aphl.org or for more information. Read our brochure.