​The APHL-CDC Antimicrobial Resistance Fellows​


In 2017 APHL recruited the inaugural cohort of the APHL-CDC Antimicrobial Resistance (AR) Fellowship. Going forward APHL will recruit a new class each year comprised of master’s- and doctoral-level scientists. Fellows in the AR Lab Network Track work at the regional laboratories of the Antibiotic Resistance Laboratory Network, providing comprehensive laboratory capacity for a variety of AR pathogens to allow for better prevention, detection and response. The fellow participating in the TB Track works with public health leaders to perform and apply conventional culture-based and cutting edge molecular methods to identify and control drug resistant TB outbreaks. 

Current AR Fellows and Host Laboratory Assignments​

  • Centers for Disease Control and Resistance
    • Eric Ransom, PhD
  • Maryland Public Health Laboratory
    • Lisa Leung, PhD
    • Jessica Plemmons, MPH
  • Microbial Diseases Laboratory of the California Department of Public Health
    • Marisabel Etter, PhD
  • Minnesota Department of Health Public Health Laboratory
    • Bradley Craft
  • Texas Department of State Health Services Laboratory
    • Abby Hoffman, MS
    • Alesha Stewart, PhD
  • Wadsworth Center, New York Department of Health
    • Nadine Peinovich, MPH
    • Emily Snavely, PhD
  • Washington State Public Health Laboratories
    • Mimi Precit, PhD
  • Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene
    • Nicholas Florek, PhD
       Left to Right: Precit, Leung, Stewart, Florek and Snavely           

Left to right: Ayodele Ojebode (former AR fellow), Jennifer Dale (former AR fellow), 
Etter, Ransom and Victoria Stone (former AR fellow)

Left to right: Craft, Hoffman, Peinovich and Plemmons