​​​​I am n​ot a US citizen. Can I apply for the fellowship? 

Yes, we accept foreign nationals. 

​​​How are fellows and host labs matched?

We hold a competitive process to select both host laboratories and fellows. After host laboratories and fellows are selected, we facilitate a matching process where laboratories and fellows interview each other. Subsequently, each fellow ranks the laboratories at which they would prefer to work and each laboratory ranks the fellows with whom they would prefer to work.

​Do fellows receive health insurance?

APHL will provide a health insurance allowance for each fellow. We will provide some advice, but it is up to each fellow to purchase. Showing proof of insurance is required for the duration of the fellowship.

​​What are the public health core competencies?

The Competency Guidelines for Public Health Laboratory Professionals outlines the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for public health laboratory (PHL) professionals to deliver the core services of PHLs efficiently and effectively.

​What happens after I complete the fellowship?

Some APHL fellows accept temporary or permanent positions in their host laboratories following completion of the fellowship program. Others pursue advanced degrees, employment opportunities at academic or private laboratories, other research fellowships, positions in health-related private industry or non-profit health-related organizations. There is no guarantee of employment at the host laboratory, APHL or CDC following completion of the fellowship program

Where are​ the host laboratories located, and can I choose my assignment?

Host laboratories are CDC and APHL member local and state public health laboratories that have demonstrated their ability to provide a fellow with the technical training, research opportunities and practical experience required by the program. Laboratories must apply annually to host one or more fellows, and not all laboratories will apply. Program finalists will have access to all host laboratory applications prior to their interviews. Once fellowship positions have been offered and accepted, fellows will be encouraged to contact mentors and laboratories of interest, and will submit to APHL a list of preferred placements. APHL cannot guarantee any particular geographic placement, and fellows must be willing to relocate.