For a laboratory scientist in public health, the non-routine is commonplace. If Monday brings a Salmonella investigation, Tuesday could arrive with a chemical spill, a potential incident of bioterrorism or a case of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. Yet students and young professionals often are unaware of career opportunities in public health laboratories because, in contrast to many other health and science professions, these dynamic institutions tend to operate “behind-the-scenes.”

APHL’s National Center for Public Health Laboratory Leadership is responding to this challenge by expanding awareness of public health laboratory careers. In collaboration with partners, it has developed the following resources to promote careers in public health laboratory science to students and young professionals.

K-12 Student Resources

A virtual open house designed to introduce students to the exciting careers in public health laboratory science.

What is a Public Health Laboratory?

An animated, one-minute video describes the role of the public health laboratory.

College and Beyond

A Guide to Public Health Careers

A comprehensive, online guide with information about public health-related degree programs, top public health employers and tips for starting a career in public health.

For Public Health Professionals

That’s Sick – Educator’s Tab

An added feature to created by APHL’s Emerging Leader Program that provides resources for teaching public health concepts and sharing information about careers as a public health laboratory scientist.

APHL Member Resource Center

A database of public health laboratory resources developed by APHL and its members. Enter "hands-on science” in the search field to find additional ways member laboratories are promoting lab science careers to students.