​​​The Public Health Need for ETOR

The United States depends on public health laboratories to conduct critical tests to keep our country safe from environmental contaminants, food-borne illnesses and emerging threats. For maximum effectiveness, public health laboratories need both accurate data and quick, efficient turnaround times for test results.

​The coronavirus pandemic underscored the importance of electronic test orders and results (ETOR) for effective tracking, faster outbreak and public health emergency responses, and early interventions. 

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ETOR Benefits for Public Health 

  • Save time using a single connection to receive test orders and send results.
  • Enhance communication, coordination, and data sharing between labs and public health stakeholders.
  • Reduce manual processes, increase efficiency, and improve data quality & reliability.
  • Support key CDC objectives of detecting, preventing, and responding to vector-borne disease cases and outbreaks.

Key ETOR Feature​s

There are a broad range of vendors and capabilities to consider when procuring an ETOR solution. Consider these key features when evaluating your options:
  • Customizable Test Requisition Forms
  • LIMS System Integration 
  • Workflow Tracking and Epidemiologist Access 
  • CLIA / HIPPA Compliance
  • Security and Privacy Controls
  • Data Visualization 
  • EMR and Other Health System Integrations
  • Patient-Facing Portal

Learn More​​​

​If you chose to take advantage of Lab Web Portal for COVID-19, visit the Lab Web Portal to learn more about the benefits of upgrading to a full subscription.