​Training Needs Assessments (TNAs) are a systematic process to evaluate and identify training needs and the best solutions. This is to ensure that training programs and resources are tailored to address specific gaps in knowledge, skills and competencies, ultimately leading to enhanced performance, professional growth and a resilient workforce.

2023 APHL Training Needs Assessment 

APHL launched a new series of TNAs in September 2023, focused on the technical and scientific skills of laboratory professionals. The assessments are conducted through brief and easy-to-complete surveys with the objective of identifying the most urgent and essential needs, prioritizing what resources are needed, and identifying the best avenues to make those available. Recognizing the challenge of reaching every individual laboratory staff and managing responses for this larger set of surveys, APHL targeted program managers and supervisors to complete the assessments on behalf of their staff. 

Concurrently, APHL is engaged in identifying training needs for skills in leadership essentials, which will launch in January 2024. This Survey will target individual laboratory staff across the membership, with additional promotion through the new Laboratory Leaders of Today program, Emerging Leaders Program​ and their alumni, and the Regional Consortia across the United States. 

APHL utilizes the findings to enhance and adapt its training offerings and further augment its support for its valued members. 

Training Needs Assessment Timeline

APHL is committed to a rigorous schedule, aiming to conduct two T​NAs each quarter:

The assessments are scheduled for completion in September 2024, and you can access summary reports on this page.

Historical Training Needs Assessment Reports

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If you are ​​interested in learning more about the 2023 APHL TNA, please contact Lorelei Kurimski, director of Quality Systems and Analytics, alorelei.kurimski@ap​hl.org