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Our Work

The Research Studies site offers valuable insights into data collection and analyses from public health laboratories. Our goal is to provide essential information that informs decision-making and strategic direction within the field. 



2018 Training Needs Assessment Generational Analysishttps://www.aphl.org/aboutAPHL/publications/Documents/IR-2019May-TNA-Survey-Generational-Analysis.pdf2018 Training Needs Assessment Generational Analysis
Inside Public Health Laboratories: Tracking Their Valuehttps://www.aphl.org/aboutAPHL/publications/Documents/IR-2017Aug-PHL-Value-Infographic.pdfInside Public Health Laboratories: Tracking Their Value
Understanding the Recruitment and Retention Needs of the Next Generationhttps://www.aphl.org/aboutAPHL/publications/Documents/QSA-2021-Next-Gen-Recruitment.pdfUnderstanding the Recruitment and Retention Needs of the Next Generation
Public Health Laboratory Workforce Needshttps://www.aphl.org/aboutAPHL/publications/Documents/QSA-2021-PHL-Workforce-Needs.pdfPublic Health Laboratory Workforce Needs