State Biomonitoring Programs

​A comprehensive list of existing state biomonitoring programs has been compiled to understand the scope of biomonitoring programs across the country. The following resources have been included to bolster a community of best practices. 

Programs Funded by ​CDC State Biomonitoring Cooperative Agreement 

State Biomonitoring MapEight entities have received funding through the CDC's State Biomonitoring Cooperative Agreement to increase state population-based biomonitoring surveillance since 2009.  

​​​​​Ot​her State, Local and University-based B​iomonitoring Programs 

Programs below include collaborations between government and university partners:

  • Alaska: Alaska Statewide Hair Mercury Biomonitoring Program
  • Minnesota: Department of Health Minnesota Biomonitoring
  • Michigan: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
  • Missouri: Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
  • Rhode Island: State of Rhode Island Department of Health