PulseNet International Logo​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​APHL, in collaboration with CDC, is committed to assisting all PulseNet participating laboratories (USA and International) in achieving the highest quality of data before sharing sequencing results with their respective countries and/or regions. Part of that commitment consists of the development and implementation of standardized laboratory and analysis protocols that enable the exchange and comparison of whole genome sequence data between laboratories. The PulseNet Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provided below were established specifically for the PulseNet USA laboratories, with the​ understanding that most of the PulseNet USA standards will apply, within varying degrees, to our PulseNet International partners. We encourage PulseNet International laboratories to adopt these standards whenever possible and to modify them in a manner consistent with their internal policies or guidelines established by their institution, state, or country.

​​For questions concerning PulseNet International SOPs, please contact pulsenet@cdc.gov.