APHL Global Health has years of in-country experience, collaborating with ministries of health to strengthen health and laboratory systems. From technical assistance to strategic planning, we customize our involvement to respond to country needs.​

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Current APHL activities:
  • Supporting national capacity building by strengthening the skills of laboratorians and promoting excellence in laboratory practice:
    • Supporting influenza and microbiology External Quality Assurance programs to monitor quality testing, strengthening quality assurance at the laboratories
    • Conducting ongoing competency assessments of bacteriology staff’s anti-biogram testing for Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) monitoring
    • Supporting pre-service training for laboratory medicine courses at the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, University of Sierra Leone
  • Supporting improvements to laboratory management and organization by:
    • Providing technical assistance for Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
    • Supporting the upgrade of peripheral, district and/or referral hospitals into a National Public Health Institute
    • ​Conducting internal audits and support to improve SLIPTA assessments
  • Supporting outbreak preparedness and response by conducting ongoing training to reduce testing turnaround time for epidemic-prone diseases​

Strategic Plan and National Policy LIMS Surveillance Training Quality Systems Network and Partnership Building