Since 2008, APHL has collaborated with in-country partners and international organizations in Lesotho to develop a nationwide laboratory information management system (LIMS) that has improved training, standards and, ultimately, health outcomes across the country.

While providing technical assistance for LIMS design and implementation, APHL trained more than 50 senior health counselors in quality assurance programs and testing standards. The association also guided 19 laboratories toward World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa stepwise accreditation through coaching and mentorship.

Of these, the Makoanyane Military Hospital (MMH) Laboratory represents a notable success. Just a single room with limited equipment in 2010, MMH was able to offer only a limited number of services. Using the Stepwise Laboratory Improvement Process Towards Accreditation checklist, APHL and the MMH staff transformed the lab. APHL provided comprehensive technical assistance—from renovation and refurbishment to optimal laboratory processes and workflow—helping MMH earn the distinction of the nation’s best performing lab.

Through its LIMS work and individual lab mentorship, APHL is building a lab communiity in Lesotho that prides itself on monitoring, evaluation and the highest standards.