With the launch of the Global Health Security Initiative(GHSI), preparedness has become the latest critical area in global health. Vietnam—a GHSI pilot country—excels in this area thanks to a systems-based approach to public health laboratory development.

APHL has supported design and implementation of laboratory information management systems (LIMS) in Vietnam for many years. In 2013 APHL applied its expertise founding partner of the Laboratory Response Network (LRN) and its knowledge of emergency operations centers to assist Vietnam to identify ways to bolster public health preparedness and infrastructure. APHL participated in a technical assistance visit, sharing information on the function and mission of US public health laboratory networks. It also continued its support for LIMS development in the country.

As a result of this exchange, Vietnam is developing a national laboratory system model and models of other laboratory systems with which it interacts. This foundational work will enable Vietnam to design strategies to improve detection, assessment and monitoring of public health crises.