Current APHL activities:
  • Providing technical assistance and laboratory mentorship for quality system improvements, good laboratory practice, test validation and laboratory management
  • Increasing laboratory testing capacity through training and supervision, procurement of reagents and support for a specimen transport system
  • Supporting the development of an electronic information system to store specimen collection, transportation and test result data​

Surveillance TrainingQuality Systems

Quality Systems; Training; Surveillance & Evaluationtarget_self_selfNo
Current APHL activities:
  • Partnering with CDC Botswana and the Ministry of Health to implement a national HIV drug resistance study to monitor and curtail the further spread of HIV drug resistance
  • Facilitating a twinning partnership between the Botswana Public Health Laboratory and the New York State Public Health Laboratory to further learning and the exchange of ideas on best laboratory practices

Strategic Plans & National Lab Policy LIMS Accreditation Training TwinningQuality Systems Network & Partnership Building

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS); Network & Partnership Building; Accreditation; Quality Systems; Strategic Plans & National Lab Policy; Training; TwinningCountry Page_selfNo
Samples incubate in a water bath, Kinshasa,
Current APHL activities:
  • Participating in a public/private partnership (PPP) with CDC DRC, the Kinshasa School of Public Health and BD. As part of the PPP, APHL is:
    • Providing technical assistance with review of quality assurance training curriculum for HIV Rapid Testing, CD4, viral load/early infant diagn​osis and biosafety to ensure continued improvements in course delivery
    • Ongoing training and mentoring of Train the Trainers instructors to improve course delivery and teaching methodologies
  • Conducting ​Strengthening Laboratory Management Toward Accreditation​​ training with one tuberculosis and 11 HIV laboratories in Kinshasa and five HIV labs in Lubumbashi

Accreditation Training​​

Accreditation; TrainingCountry Page_selfNo
Ethiopia HIV labmailto:sherrie.staley@aphl.org7.40332440.693359
Current APHL activities:
  • Supporting LIMS in more than 20 laboratories.
  • Continuing to guide the expansion of LIMS implementation, with a focus on:
    • Supporting Viral Load Scale-up
    • Building capacity within the Government of Ethiopia so they can take over ownership
    • Exploring ways to electronically capture point-of-care test-order data and return laboratory results
Select completed projects:​​​
  • ​Piloted a revised Foundations of Laboratory Leadership and Management (FLLM) curriculum, with additional modules on Global Health Security-related topics. Considering a Train the Trainers course, as Ethiopia looks to further cascade this leadership training to other areas of the country​

LIMS Surveillance TrainingDatabase Development and Management

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS); Database Development & Management; Training; Surveillance & EvaluationEthiopia page_selfNo
mailto:samantha.dittrich@aphl.org41.95186 44.028917
Current APHL activities:
  • Supporting the CDC Georgia Country Office by facilitating AMR and microbiology laboratory strengthening activities
  • Providing on-site mentorship for AMR surveillance laboratory staff 
  • Developing training materials and quality assurance documents
  • Facilitating classroom-based and on-the-job bench training in basic bacterial identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • Attending and contributing to workgroups related to AMR, microbiology, and laboratory systems strengthening
  • Assisting with the development of protocols
  • Assisting with the conduct of laboratory assessments, gap analysis, report development and other related activities
  • Assisting with data analysis, compiling summary reports and presentations

Strategic Plan and National Policy Training Quality Systems

Training; Quality Systems; Strategic Plans & National Lab PolicyCountries Page_selfYes
Tamale Labmailto:robyn.sagal@aphl.org7.946527-1.023194
Current APHL activities:
  • ​Supporting viral load testing scale-up through the development of standard operating procedures and training materials.
  • Developing a biorisk management plan.
  • Ongoing microbiology capacity building through the creation of a microbiology strategy.
  • Ongoing procurement of laboratory equipment and supplies for regional public health laboratories and viral load testing sites.

Strategic Plan and National Policy LIMS Training Quality Systems

Strategic Plans & National Lab Policy; Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS); Training; Quality SystemsCountry Page_selfNo
Parasitology Lab at National Public Health Lab in Conakry, Guineamailto:deborah.odegbile@aphl.org11.144929 -10.991921
Current APHL activities are implemented through its Guinea field office and include:
  • Strengthening training programs by:
    • Providing general quality management system trainings and mentorship for staff at the National Institute of Public Health, the national hospitals and two regional hospitals
    • Supporting the training of biomedical engineers on the installation, certification and maintenance of biosafety cabinets
    • Evaluating the training curriculum for laboratory professionals
  • Improving quality assurance by:
    • Creating a Laboratory Quality Manual, including developing standard operating procedures
    • Providing technical assistance for the development of a National Clinical Laboratory Science Policy, Strategic Plan for Laboratory Development, and a National Specimen Referral Policy
    • Advising on best practices for specimen storage and guidance on the establishment of a Specimen Repository Policy to improve biosafety and biosecurity
  • Financing and supervising the restructuring of one of the national hospital laboratories to improve workflow, biosafety and biosecurity​

Strategic Plan and National Policy Surveillance Infrastructure Training Quality Systems Network and Partnership Building

Strategic Plans & National Lab Policy; Surveillance & Evaluation; Twinning; Quality Systems; Training; Network & Partnership Building; InfrastructureCountry Page_selfNo
​Current APHL activities:
  • Ongoing support of the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) network laboratories.
  • Holding training workshops on the AMR lab assessment tool, lab assessment review and capacity building, and other elements of AMR surveillance.
  • Conducting AMR assessment at ten laboratories.
  • Procuring laboratory equipment and supplies​.

Infrastructure Training

Infrastructure; Trainingcountry page_selfYes
Select Completed Projects:
  • ​Laboratory system strengthening through trainings on Quality Management Systems (QMS) and ISO 15189, focusing on assuring quality of examination procedures and uncertainty of measurement.
  • Procuring laboratory equipment and supplies to strengthen the influenza program and increase testing capacity.

Quality Systems Training

Quality Systems; Training_selfYes
LIMS implementation in Kenyamailto:esther.gathinji@aphl.org0.576537.8399
Current APHL activites:​
  • Providing training and general support for LIMS at 15 facilities (13 LabWare, two BLIS)
  • Facilitating the remote log-in of viral load and Early Infant Diagnosis samples for the National HIV Reference Laboratory
  • Supporting the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Services as they optimize their Blood Establishment Computer System
  • Setting up a national equipment calibration center and creating mechanisms for its sustainability, such as:
    • Implementing a national equipment policy
    • Providing refresher training on both non-automated and automated laboratory equipment and mentoring on good workshop practices for biomedical engineers in 11 counties
    • Providing refrigeration maintenance equipment and a standard biomedical engineer toolkit for 31 facilities
    • Developing and implementing a national, computerized maintenance management system for tracking equipment inventory and maintenance schedules for all county hospitals
    • Improving maintenance systems at the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) by providing guidance for NPHL maintenance staff running the calibration center, developing planned maintenance schedules and supporting maintenance of the BSL 3 laboratory's airflow system
  • Enhancing quality systems through support of an External Quality Assessment (EQA) Proficiency Test (PT) program and the development an Integrated EQA database system

LIMS Training Database Development and Management Quality Systems

Training; Quality Systems; Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS); Database Development & Managementtarget_self_selfNo
Laboratory training in
Current APHL activities:
  • Implementing electronic laboratory information systems (LIMS) at referral hospitals throughout the country, and providing technical assistance to laboratories with functioning LIMS
  • Collaborating with partners to implement a software application at smaller health facilities to enable electronic test ordering, facilitate the sample referral process and speed up turnaround time for patients to receive test results
  • Designing a central database at the Ministry of Health (MOH) to store test results, create reports and improve surveillance efforts.
  • Supporting development of data visualization and reporting tools for the MOH
  • Ongoing support for accreditation activities, including facilitation of Strengthening Laboratory Management Toward Accreditation​ workshops at laboratories throughout Mozambique

Strategic Plans LIMS Surveillance Infrastructure AccreditationTrainingDatabase Development Quality Systems

Accreditation; Database Development & Management; Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS); Training; Surveillance & Evaluation; Strategic Plans & National Lab Policy; Quality Systems; Infrastructuretarget_self_selfNo
basket weavers in
Current APHL activities:
  • An APHL member-consultant, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, will develop a national laboratory standards of practice document to guide government regulation of human diagnostic laboratories.

Select completed projects:​​​
  • ​Assisted in creating structure and content for disease surveillance reports for a ​central database.
  • Helped develop a strategic plan and policy for the Ministry of Health and Namibia Institute of Pathology.

Strategic Plan and National Policy

Strategic Plans & National Lab Policytarget_self_selfNo
laboratorian working in Nigeriamailto:esther.gathinji@aphl.org9.06707.4830
Current APHL activities:
  • ​Providing technical assistance to Nigeria and US CDC as they establish a National Public Health Laboratory Network and Referral system.

Select completed projects:​​​
  • Provided strategic planning, consultations and network meetings as part of PulseNet Africa.
  • Developed an HIV diagnostic algorithm and provided technical assistance for its continued evaluation.

Strategic Plans Training Quality Systems

Training; Strategic Plans & National Lab Policy; Quality SystemsNigeria page_selfNo
mailto:samantha.dittrich@aphl.org14.627847 -14.522356
Current APHL activities:
  • ​Planning and coordination of laboratory activities and services for regional, national, international and agency collaborators.
  • Providing technical assistance to country and external partners to progressively build national capacity.
  • Developing, reviewing and editing laboratory training tools and documents.
  • Assisting with the development of strategic plans, protocols, work plans, funding proposals and other documents.
  • Identifying assessment needs and carrying out assessments for the development of laboratory infrastructure capacities.

Strategic Plan and National Policy Infrastructure Quality Systems Network and Partnership Building

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Performing TB smears in Sierra Leonemailto:deborah.odegbile@aphl.org8.5214-11.8439
Current APHL activities:
  • Supporting national capacity building by strengthening the skills of laboratorians and promoting excellence in laboratory practice:
    • Supporting influenza and microbiology External Quality Assurance programs to monitor quality testing, strengthening quality assurance at the laboratories
    • Conducting ongoing competency assessments of bacteriology staff’s anti-biogram testing for Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) monitoring
    • Supporting pre-service training for laboratory medicine courses at the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, University of Sierra Leone
  • Supporting improvements to laboratory management and organization by:
    • Providing technical assistance for Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
    • Supporting the upgrade of peripheral, district and/or referral hospitals into a National Public Health Institute
    • ​Conducting internal audits and support to improve SLIPTA assessments
  • Supporting outbreak preparedness and response by conducting ongoing training to reduce testing turnaround time for epidemic-prone diseases​

Strategic Plan and National Policy LIMS Surveillance Training Quality Systems Network and Partnership Building

Training; Surveillance & Evaluation; Quality Systems; Strategic Plans & National Lab Policy; Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS); Network & Partnership Buildingtarget_self_selfNo
APHL-GWU Laboratory Leadership Institute in
Current APHL activities:
  • Providing ongoing support for building LIMS capacity, such as: 
    • Training Ministry of Health staff
    • ​Implementation of a centralized, open source laboratory data repository
    • Integration of the Sample Referral System and LIMS, enabling two-way data-flow
  • Enabling collaboration between APHL Tanzania and Kenya consultants on BLIS development and implementation through a visit to Kenya and ongoing virtual meetings
  • Launching twinning initiative with National Quality Assurance and Training Center (NHLQATC)

LIMS Twinning Quality Systems

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS); Database Development & ManagementCountries Page_selfNo
Early Infant HIV testing labmailto:elaine.markovich@aphl.org1.29571432.508580
Current APHL activities:
  • ​Providing support to strengthen the quality of laboratory testing and quality assurance programs at the Uganda National Health Laboratory Services (UNHLS)
Select completed projects:​​​
  • Assisted with the development of the UNHLS Strategic Plan and Transition Plan
  • Facilitated a twinning arrangement with the New Mexico State Public Health Laboratory
  • Conducted a Global Health Security Scorecard Assessment
    Supported microbiology trainings

Strategic Plan and National Policy Surveillance Training Twinning Quality Systems

Quality Systems; Strategic Plans & National Lab Policy; Training; Twinning; Surveillance & EvaluationCountries Page_selfNo

​Current APHL activities:

  • Providing technical assistance on quality management systems including External Quality Assurance (EQA) activities and support for HIV testing strategy and algorithm validation
  • Facilitating a twinning relationship between Ukraine and Florida State Public Health Laboratories; they are currently focused on improving the HIV algorithm and building a national laboratory network in collaboration with the Ukrainian Center for Public Health (UCPH)
  • Supporting UCPH with the development of a National Strategic Laboratory Plan

Strategic Plan and National   Policy Infrastructure TrainingTwinningQuality SystemsNetwork and Partnership   Building​​

Infrastructure; Network & Partnership Building; Quality Systems; Strategic Plans & National Lab Policy; Training; TwinningCountry Page_selfNo
Current APHL activities:
  • Providing a three-phased Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) Certification workshop in collaboration with Eagleson Institute, as a sustainable approach to testing and certifying BSCs in-country
  • Facilitating a twinning relationship between Vietnam and the Hawaii Public Health Laboratory; the two are currently focusing on biosafety and quality manag​ement systems and plan on conducting a number of ongoing trainings​
  • Transitioning technical management of LIMS activities, previously managed by APHL since 2005, over to the Government of Vietnam​

Strategic Plan and National PolicyLIMS Surveillance Training Twinning Database Development and Management

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS); Strategic Plans & National Lab Policy; Database Development & Management; Training; Twinning; Surveillance & EvaluationVietnam page_selfNo
laboratorian working in
Current APHL activities:
  • Establishing a National Viral Load Scale-up Program through the strengthening of the Specimen Referral Transport Systems.
  • Providing power back-up solutions to HIV Viral Load testing sites.
  • Providing LIMS support to manage Viral Load testing data.
  • Providing technical support to the Ministry of Health in drafting and finalizing the National Laboratory Strategic Planning Documents as well as for operational planning.

Strategic Plan and National Policy LIMS InfrastructureTraining

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS); Training; Infrastructure; Strategic Plans & National Lab Policytarget_self_selfNo
Nurses celebrate new project in
Current APHL activities:
  • Implementing an Integrated Specimen Transport (IST) system across six provinces and supporting IST programs already in place.
  • Supporting the national external quality assessment (EQA) program.
  • Supporting an HIV patient-monitoring program, aimed at increasing access to testing in six provinces, by providing mentorship opportunities and increasing participation in the EQA program.

LIMS Training Quality Systems

Quality Systems; Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS); TrainingCountry page_selfNo