​​​​The APHL Packaging and Shipping Toolkit is a collection of instructional materials adapted from APHL packaging and shipping trainings developed for an international audience. This resource does not confer IATA certification.

​APHL Packaging and Shipping Training Tools

Packing and Shipping Infectious Substances Training Requirements Job Aid​ (Developed for US Department of Transportation Regulations)​

Packing and Shipping Guidance for Biological Substances, Category B Specimens​ (Developed for US Department of Transportation Regulations)​

​​Packing and Shipping Evaluation Tool (Developed for US LRN Laboratories and for US Department of Transportation Regulations)​​​​

Receiving High Quality Specimens in Your Laboratory
Labeling, Packaging, Handling and Transport of Biological Specimens for In-Country Transport
Appropriate Specimen Types and Handling Methods
Appropriate Collection and Handling Methods of Respiratory Specimens