​​​Welcome to the MicrobeNet Training Videos

MicrobeNet is a CDC hosted, free database that provides detailed information on rare and unusual pathogens including bacteria and fungi. The information is curated by experts and is updated frequently. Clinical and public health laboratorians can access this information to improve their reference diagnostics and species identification capabilities.

Visit the MicrobeNet homepage to sign in or request an account. If you have questions, contact the team at MicrobeNet@cdc.gov.

How to Use MicrobeNet

APHL and CDC collaborated to provide a series of short, interactive videos that help users learn how to navigate MicrobeNet's different modules and features. Take a look at the short introduction​ to learn more, or click on the button for "MicrobeNet Training Videos" below to access the introduction and a menu that provides ​users access to three videos describing the different modules of MicrobeNet.

MirobeNet Snapshot 

Video Descriptions

  • Introduction to MicrobeNet
    Run time: 3 minutes

    Provides a short introduction​ of MicrobeNet and demonstrates where to find and how to access the different modules and features.

  • ​​​Mass Spectromy: Identifying Pathogens from MALDI-TOF Data
    Run time: 6 minutes
    ​​In this video, the user will learn how to use MicrobeNet's MALDI-TOF database to retroactively identify samples from a Real-Time Classification Run.​​​

  • Sequencing Analysis: Identifying Pathogens from 16S Sequencing
    Run time: 6 minutes

    This video will show you several ways to input or upload single or multiple 16S sequence files to search against MicrobeNet's curated database.

  • Phenotypic Testing: Identifying Pathogens from Phenotypic Testing
    Run time: 6 minutes
    MicrobeNet can help you identify pathogens faster using results from biochemical tests. This video will teach you how to create customized panels of biochemical tests and input your results to help you identify rare species.