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​​APHL Member Call Minutes​

As the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak response expanded, APHL and CDC convened a national public health laboratory call to address member questions and concerns regarding laboratory testing. The call included updates on situational awareness, CDC assay deployment to PHLs and CDC testing workflows.

The following are summaries of each call (files are accessible by APHL members only): ​

APHL Lab Alerts


  1. ​​​CDC All State Call 2019 Novel Coronavirus​

  2. Update on 2019 Novel Coronavirus

  3. Update on 2019 Novel Coronavirus

  4. 2019 Novel Coronavirus

  5. 2019 Novel Coronavirus Response​

  6. 2019-nCoV rRT-PCR Standarized Data Exchange Guidance

  7. Verification of 2019-nCoV Assay; Joint Communication with CSTE

  8. 2019-nCoV Assay EUA and IRR Updates

  9. Reporting of Performance Issues during Verification

  10. CDC APHL National Public Health Laboratory Call and other Updates 2019-nCoV​

  11. APHL Informatics Guidance for Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19)

  12. All PHL Call on Feb 19 and Minutes from Feb 12

  13. Statement from the APHL Task Force for Novel Coronavirus Testing

  14. Replacement of Primer Prober Sets and APHL CDC National Public Health Laboratory Call on Feb 26,2020

  15. APHL All Public Health Laboratory Call Minutes and Upcoming Call Information

  16. APHL All Public Health Laboratory Call on Feb 26,2020

  17. Correction FDA EUA Guidance and Testing Recommendations

  18. APHL Responds to Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions

  19. IRR Updates

  20. Additional Extraction Platform

  21. Updates Guidelines for NP-OP Specimen

  22. FDA FAQ and NP-OP Code

  23. CMS List

  24. Call Minutes, NP Swab Only, QIAGEN Availability and Other Updates

  25. COVID-19 Laboratory Supply and EUA Updates

  26. Regulatory Updates on EUAs, Virus 2.0 Cards and Reagent Shortages​

  27. APHL Call Summary, EUA Updates, and VTM Preparation ​

  28. Additional EUAs, Testing Prioritization, and APHL All PHL Call Reminder ​

  29. Updates to Respiratory Sampling Recommendations​

  30. ​​CMS Guidance and FDA Town Hall

  31. APHL FAQs and Call Reminders

  32. APHL All PHL Call Summary and NEW Bridge for CDC Clinical Laboratory Calls​

  33. APHL CSTE COVID-19 Case Definition and Call Reminders​

  34. ​Influenza Surveillance, APHL All PHL Call Summary and CDC Clinical Laboratory Calls​

  35. Webinar Information for APHL All PHL Call, APHL Testing Survey and FDA Town Hall ​

  36. Updated Informatics Guidance and Reminders

  37. Abbott ID NOW Fact Sheet, APHL All PHL Call Summary, Additional Updates

  38. CDC Serology Testing Update, Reminder APHL All PHL Call, and FDA Town Hall 

  39. APHL Call Summary, IRR FAQ, ELC CARES Webinar and More

  40. APHL All PHL Call and FDA Town Hall, CDC Resources

  41. APHL Call Summary, New CMS SARS-CoV-2 Testing Resources Available, FDA Training Video 

  42. FDA Serology Test Performance Data and Reminders for APHL, FDA Calls

  43. APHL Webinar, CDC DLS Call Materials, CMS Updated FAQs

  44. APHL/CSTE Statement on Serologic Testing, APHL Call Summary and Other Updates

  45. Updated CDC Biosafety Guidelines, Reminder for APHL All PHL Call and FDA Town Hall

  46. IRR Catalog Numbers for Alternative Lysis Buffers, ELC CARES Webinar and Other Updates 

  47. Federal and State Points of Contact; Reminder: APHL All PHL Call and FDA Town Hall

  48. APHL-Amazon Partnership, Medicare Billing Codes, APHL Call Summary and More

  49. FDA Recent Updates, Reminders for APHL All PHL Call and FDA Town Hall

  50. HHS Guidance for Safe Use of MTM, CDC Antibody Testing Guidelines and More

  51. Abbott ID NOW Negative Results, ASCP Serology Town Hall, Call Reminders

  52. HHS Laboratory Data Reporting Guidance, Transport Medium for CDC Submissions, and More