​​​​​​​​APHL members and staff, in conjunction with CDC, have updated the content of the TB Self-Assessment Tool, Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Assessing Your Laboratory to reflect the changes in the TB diagnostic testing since the last edition was published in 2013. The original document was created in 1995 to assist laboratories in assessing the quality of their TB diagnostic practices.

Updates in the 2019 Version

The 2019 version enhances and improves upon the two prior versions. Specific changes include:

  • Addition of questions to the Safety Section on:
    • Use of MALDI-TOF
    • Proper inactivation of TB DNA for downstream testing applications 

  • Updates to the General Laboratory Practice Section on evaluating employee competency

  • Updated guidelines and recommendations throughout to align with:
    • CLSI
    • APHL/NTCA Documents
    • Laboratory component of the CDC TB Cooperative Agreement ​
    • Other published literature

Using the Toolkit

Laboratories are encouraged to incorporate this tool into their quality assurance practices to determine laboratory areas that may be in need of improvement.​

TB Self-Assessment Tool - PDF Version 

How to Use the Self-Assessment Tool

Use the area below to enter the assessment tool. You will be asked to provide your email address, a unique password will be sent to you. Results will be saved under your individual username (your email address) and password. Your assessment information will be accessible only to you.