​​​​APHL is committed to improving population health through informatics, health IT and information exchange and works to assure that informatics standards and architectures support the critical work of public health laboratories. 

APHL Partnerships Help Promote Public Health Informatics

APHL collaborates with other public health associations to comprise a forum that collectively implements public health informatics priorities, and helps develop and respond to national informatics policy issues.

By working alongside other committed public health partners, APHL is able to communicate positions on a variety of issues, including proposed Meaningful Use requirements, public health representatives on national health IT advisory committees and the organization of informatics within the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

APHL is also part of the Joint Public Health Informatics Taskforce (JPHIT) and collaborates with several other public health associations that help US governmental public health agencies build modern information systems across a spectrum of public health programs.

Informatics Policy Positions and Advocacy Letters

Below are letters submitted on behalf of APHL, as well as submitted collaboratively from APHL and partner organizations: