2017 Gene Sequencing Forum

The ‚Äč2017 Gene Sequencing Forum was held on Monday, September 11 during the APHL Newborn Screening and Genetic Testing Symposium. The purpose of this session was to discuss the utility of gene sequencing technologies as currently being used, as well as future directions. Participants shared molecular testing resources available for both gene sequencing and genotyping, lessons learned and insights from NBS programs planning to or currently implementing gene sequencing.

Current Status of Molecular Testing
Michele Caggana, ScD, FACNG, New York State Department of Health

Outcomes Sequencing in Public Health NBS Meeting
Rachel Lee, PhD, Texas Department of State Health Services

Experiences in California with Sequencing Contracts
Richard Olney, MD, MPH, California Department of Public Health

Perspectives from a State Currently Implementing Sequencing
Anne Comeau, PhD, New England Newborn Screening Program

Genotyping for a Large Number of Variants Using Allelic Discrimination Open Array
Travis Henry, PhD, State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa