​For Childbirth Educators

Childbirth Educator Toolkit - Educational toolkit for nurse midwives, doulas and other childbirth educators.  Developed by New York-Mid-Atlantic Consortium for Genetic and Newborn Screening Services

Newborn Screening Prenatal Curriculum  - Outlines 10 goals for teaching expectant parents about newborn screening. Developed by New York-Mid-Atlantic Consortium for Genetic and Newborn Screening Services

Protect Your Newborn's Health with Newborn Screening - An educational brochure, non-program specific, with valuable information regarding the overall benefits of the newborn screening test

The Newborn Screening Story: How One Simple Test Changed Lives, Science and Health in America- An engaging coffee table​ book highlighting the stories of children saved by newborn screening as well as the advances in science and technology that have influenced how the test is conducted.

General Resources

ACMG ACT Sheets & Algorithm Table - Actions required following a positive screening result organized by condition plus explanation of algorithms used for final diagnosis.

Video of Health Care Provider and Expectant Mom Discussing Newborn Screening - Wondering how to talk with patients about newborn screening?  View this three-minute video of a discussion between a health care provider and patient at a prenatal office visit. Created by March of Dimes as part of “Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Babies" series.

Oregon Practitioner’s Manual - Gives overview of newborn screening process, actions required in the event of a positive screen and common misconceptions about newborn screening. Excellent example of brochure directed to health care providers. Produced by Northwest Regional Newborn Screening Consortium.

Newborn Screening Guide for Prenatal Educators - Highlights importance of talking with expecting families about newborn screening. Provides resources for parents plus information about each metabolic disorder including incidence rate, a brief definition and treatment. Created by Genetics Collaborative and Children's Hospital Boston. 

CDC Public Health Grand Rounds Newborn Screening: Improving Outcomes - Archived webinar for physicians and scientists covering current challenges – notably laboratory and data collection issues – in the field of newborn screening and strategies to address them.

Policy Resources

Four Facts Policy Makers Need to Know - Brochure detailing the benefits of newborn screening specifically targeted to healthcare policy makers.