Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

"The MAP team provided a thorough review of our SOP's, laboratory set up and testing logistics. They provided guidance and helpful suggestions to improve accurarcy, efficiency and timeliness in our processes. We are very thankful to the MAP team and have greatly benefited from this expert review process."

Patrick Hopkins
Newborn Screening Project Specialist
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services 

​Texas Department of State and Health Services

​"Participating in the Molecular Assessment Program (MAP) was a great experience. It was helpful to have outside eyes looking at our processes.... All of the suggestions made by the MAP team were a great help and many of the suggestions would really improve our efficiency. We will definitely take them into consideration and implement as needed.... All of the team members were very nice and put the staff at ease. If you have the opportunity to have the MAP team visit your lab, we highly recommend that you make time for them."

Rachel Lee, PhD
Biochemistry & Genetics Branch Manager
Laboratory Services Section

Washington Public Health Laboratories

​"In September 2011 Washington participated as a pilot site for the newborn screening Molecular Assessment Program. The opportunity to have such a highly talented team of experts devote themselves to a constructive review of our newborn screening molecular program was invaluable. The team reviewed all aspects of our molecular program from policies and procedures to work-flow and operations.... The atmosphere was collegial and collaborative and I am confident that everyone benefited from the interactions and sharing of ideas."

Michael Glass, MS
Director Newborn Screening Program
Washington State Department of Health

​Michigan Department of Community Health

"In February 2012, the Michigan newborn screening laboratory was inspected by the molecular assessment program (MAP) team. The MAP team was friendly, thorough and helpful. We came away from the interaction with the assurance that we were doing certain things well, as well as a list of items to improve on. This type of friendly inspection will, without a doubt, better prepare us for future inspections by our regulatory agency."

Heather Wood, MS
Newborn Screening Laboratory Scientist
Michigan Department of Community Health