Molecular screening brings new and different technologies into the newborn screening ​(NBS)laboratory, creating a need for related resou​rces. APHL collaborates with CDC's Newborn Screening and Molecular Biology Branch (NSMBB)​ to provide state newborn screening programs with information on available molecular methods and quality improvement activities.​

​NBS Molecular Methods

The state NBS laboratory assays list (access restricted to NBS lab directors and their delegates) explains how newborn screening programs use their molecular assays and allows users to search for the molecular assay that best fits their needs​. 

Aut​​omation Methods

The links below offer information on the use of automation in newborn screening programs, types of automation instruments and considerations in purchasing a liquid handler:​

Molecular Assessme​nt Program Quality Improvement 

The Molecular Assessment Program (MAP) is a non-regulatory site visit offered by CDC and APHL that is tailored to newborn screening laboratories that perform molecular tests. MAP was developed to assist newborn screening laboratories to determine how to best meet their molecular testing ne​eds with available resources. 

​​MAP teams are comprised of CDC and state public health laboratory scientists who work with laboratory personnel to assess all molecular testing procedures. Visits are t​ailored to the specific needs of the program and provide guidance on evaluating ongoing or soon-to-be implemented molecula​r testing procedures.

Read the MAP Testimonials to learn how other labs have benefited from this program.  

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Aft​​er the visit:​

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  • The la​boratory director will receive a summary report and any resources related to specific molecular testing issues that were discussed during the visit.


For more information or questions about MAP, please contact Guisou Zarbalian, MS, MPH, manager, Newborn Screening & Genetics, or Christopher Greene, PhD, research scientist, CDC-NSMBB.

Other Molecular Training Resources​

Frequently Asked Questions

NBS Molecular FAQs


For more information about these molecular resources, contact Funke Akinsola, specialist, Newborn Screening & Genetics (240.485.2714) or Laura Hancock, MS, Research Scientist, Newborn Screening and Molecular Biology Branch, CDC.