On January 22, 2020, APHL established its Incident Command System (ICS) and activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The ICS approach enables APHL to effectively coordinate with CDC and other partners to respond to COVID-19.

APHL's priorities are to:

  • Ensure public health laboratories have timely diagnostics to perform quality laboratory testing in their jurisdictions

  • Support public health laboratories with reporting test results to sample submitters and CDC

  • Provide technical assistance and credible communications to public health laboratories, partners and the public. 

APHL continues to monitor the response, providing assistance to member public health laboratories as they bring on the CDC EUA test and advocating on their behalf. 

COVID-19 Data Flow on AIMS PlatformStrengthening Informatics​​ Systems

When a public health crisis like COVID-​19 strikes, any response effort would be futile without the technical infrastructure in place to send and receive data, or the standardized nomenclature to communicate the ​information. 

Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, APHL has been working with laboratories to ensure they can rapidly receive test orders from healthcare providers and communicate results to CDC, providers and the public. APHL is also continuing to develop technical innovations and initiatives to help strengthen the response effort and ease the burden on public health laboratories.​

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Understanding Laboratory Testing Capacity and Capabilities

Beginning April 13, 2020, APHL has conducted a weekly survey of up to 100 state, local and territorial public health laboratories to understand their current and projected capability and capacity to test for SARS-CoV-2. Data from this survey is used to inform HHS, FEMA, CDC and other federal partners to support public health laboratory supply and reagent needs. 

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Private Partnerships, Funding and ​Advocacy Efforts​

APHL-Amazon Partnership Opens Access to COVID-19 Supplies for Member Labs

APHL has partnered with Amazon to allow member labs priority access to their special COVID-19 supply store created for first responders, COVID-19 Supplies. The not-for-profit store has hundreds of items related to protective apparel, disinfectants and diagnostic equipment. In order to purchase from the store, labs must have an Amazon Business account, but it is free to register. Learn more about how to create an account and access the store.

ELC CARES & CDC Emergency Response Funding Guidance

APHL has worked to create guidance tools to respond to the CDC ELC project funding known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) of 2020, and the cooperative agreement for CDC Emergency Response: Public Health Crisis - COVID-19.

APHL and Partners Urge Emergency Funding to Bolster Novel Coronavirus Response

APHL worked together with leaders of public health organizations including ASTHO, NACCHO and​​​​ CSTE to urge emergency funding in the following letters:​​​

Public Health Laboratory COVID-19 News Coverage

APHL Media Statements and Blog Articles

External Media Coverage

APHL is working closely with the media to communicate the importance of testing and the role of public health laboratories during the COVID-19 response. Below are a selection of articles in which APHL has been featured or quoted: