The health and safety of APHL members and partners attending our events is our highest priority. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the latest public health recommendations, we have canceled, postponed or changed the delivery of a number of upcoming APHL activities.

We will update the status of APHL events on this page as the situation evolves. To make it easier to find your events, click on the column headers to open sort and filter options. A link to the event's webpage is provided, where available.

Please contact if you have any further questions about your event.

Pacific Rim Regional Consortium IPMPostponed4/7/2020Richmond, CA
NewSTEPs Steering Committee MeetingPostponed4/14/2020APHL HQ- Silver Spring, MD
Four Corners and Central Plains Consortium IPMPostponed4/14/2020Albuquerque, NM
Packaging and Shipping: Division 6.2 MaterialsCanceled4/14/2020San Diego, CALearn more.
Packaging and Shipping: Division 6.2 MaterialsCanceled4/15/2020San Diego, CALearn more.
NBS SMA and X-ALD National MeetingPostponed4/15/2020DC (Marriot Marquis)
AMD Academy:  Intermediate Bioinformatics Training for Microbiologists Virtual TBD4/20/2020Atlanta, GA
Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Diagnostic Principles and ProceduresCanceled4/21/2020Atlanta, GA, CDCLearn More.
APHL Policy SymposiumPostponed4/21/2020Atlanta, GA
LRN-C Biannual Technical MeetingPostponed4/21/2020Albuquerque, NM
Packaging and Shipping: Division 6.2 MaterialsCanceled4/21/2020Brainerd, MNLearn more.
APHL Hill DayVirtual4/22/2020
Packaging and Shipping: Division 6.2 MaterialsCanceled4/23/2020St. Paul, MNLearn more.
FDA PFP 50-State MeetingPostponed4/28/2020Pittsburgh, PA
National Biomonitoring Network Steering CommitteeRescheduled4/29/2020Silver Spring, MD
BioNumerics WGS Workshop for PulseNet ParticipantsCanceled4/29/2020Atlanta, GA
Agents of Bioterrorism: Sentinel Training for Clinical LaboratoriesNo Change4/30/2020Decatur, GALearn more.
Typing, Subtyping and Genotyping Influenza Using the CDC Flu rRT-PCR Dx PanelCanceled5/4/2020Atlanta, GA
Newborn Screening by Tandem Mass Spectrometry: A Hands-On Course in Understanding Laboratory Issues and Interpreting Test ResultsPostponed5/4/2020Atlanta, GA
Quality Manager Focus Group IPM- part II Canceled5/4/2020APHL HQ- Silver Spring, MD
Packaging and Shipping: Division 6.2 MaterialsNo Change5/5/2020Grand Junction, COLearn more.
Agents of Bioterrorism: Sentinel Training for Clinical LaboratoriesRescheduled5/5/2020Decatur, GALearn more.
Packaging and Shipping: Division 6.2 MaterialsNo Change5/7/2020Denver, COLearn More.
Agents of Bioterrorism: Sentinel Training for Clinical LaboratoriesNo Change5/7/2020Decatur, GALearn more.
Communications Focus Group DiscussionCanceled5/8/2020APHL HQ- Silver Spring, MD
CIFOR Council Meeting5/12/2020Chicago, IL
Short Term Follow-up In-Person Meeting Postponed5/12/2020Seattle, Washington
MAC-ELISA training for the detection of Arboviral Infections at Public Health Laboratories5/13/2020Denver, CO
Laboratory Identification of Emerging Pathogenic Molds - A Basic CourseCanceled5/19/2020CDC Training LabLearn More.
Environmental Health System Meeting - Microbial SurveillancePostponed5/19/2020Milwaukee, WI
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