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APHL/CDC Public Health Laboratory Call Summaries and APHL Lab Alerts
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Laboratory HL7 Messa​​ging Resou​rces

​APHL has developed twenty six test message scenarios to support data exchange work:

PHLIP Guid​eline​s: ​​​

Laboratory Testing Reso​​​​urces

Protocols and FAQs

Abbott ID Now

  • Abbott ID NOW Webinar, APHL partnered with Abbott to host an educational webinar on the Abbott ID NOW platform. The 90-minute webinar provided 155 APHL members with education and updates on a range of aspects of the Abbott ID NOW platform for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) testing. (APHL member access only)

  • Abbott ID NOW Fact Sheet, on the implementation of the Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 in public health laboratories.​ (APHL member access only)

  • Other Resources, Arizona Department of Health Services (APHL member access only):

CLIA Laboratories Performing Vi​rology Testing

​Appr​​oxim​ate​ly 5,000 laboratories in the US perform testing within the subspecialty of virology. Note, n​ot all of these laboratories are performing testing for SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19. View the full list of CLIA laboratories performing vi​rology testing (APHL member access only). 

​Federal Resources

Serology Testing

CDC is collaborating with other government agencies to evaluate serology assays, and has posted a webpage to show the current information about the CDC serology test for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Testing Guidelines​​

​CDC has published the following​ interim guidelines, but this is a very dynamic response so please check CDC's laboratory information website for the most up to date information: 

Published Studies ​

Informational Resources

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