APHL collaborates with CDC to ​continue work initiated under the Laboratory Efficiencies Initiative (LEI) to support a sustainable public health laboratory system, one that can maintain public health testing services despite decreases in funding.​​​​​

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Annual Reports

​​​2013 LEI Report
LEI activities in 2013 were guided by the goals and objectives of the strategic plan originally developed in 2012. PHL directors, APHL, CDC and partners continued to advance the LEI through products, tools, planning, leadership, partnership and outreach. This report summarizes some of the principal LEI achievements in 2013 and the foundation they laid for continued progress in 2014. 

2012 LEI Report​​​
2012 was primarily a year of development and planning the direction of the initiative. Meetings and forums with public health laboratory directors were held and were crucial for determining the direction and goals of the LEI. From these forums the LEI vision and mission statements as well as the strategic plan and accompanying metrics were created. ​

2015 APHL Annual Meeting Activities

The session "The Return on Investment Model, Metrics and Relevance for Public Health Laboratories" gave participants an overview of the Return on Investment (ROI) Model and the resulting metrics determined for PHLs which can be used to communicate the value and  importance of the services they provide to decision makers and help laboratories leverage this data to obtain needed funding. This sessions topics included an overview of the ROI Model, the process of developing metrics for PHLs, the significance of gathering data for metrics, and the practical application and utilization of ROI metrics.

The Evaluation of PHL Sustainability Resources poster describes the results of evaluating key PHL sustainability tools for usefulness and effectiveness.  

The Impact of Lean Training Workshops poster displays feedback from participants on improvements they were able to make in their laboratories as a result of Lean training through APHL.

The Public Health Laboratory System Database (PHLSD): Findings from Pilot Implementation poster describes the pilot testing process and gives an overview of preliminary data.