Quality Systems publications cover issues in quality improvement, regulatory developments, collection of comprehensive laboratory data, and collaboration between public and private laboratories.

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After the Assessment: Examples of L-SIP Quality Improvement Activities

A compilation of quality improvement examples to consider after completing an L-SIP assessment

Crosswalk of Regulations and Guidance Affecting Laboratories- Sorted by QSE

A crosswalk of regulatory references, arranged by Quality System Essentials (QSEs), the fundamental quality elements or building blocks of organizations

How to Write a Laboratory Quality Manual

A guide to public health laboratories on preparing a laboratory quality manual, based on the 12 Quality System Essentials within a Quality Management System

Laboratory Internal Audit Plan 

A guide on developing appropriate documents, forms, statements for each heading of the laboratory's internal audit plan

Vision 2020: Building a Sustainable Public Health Laboratory System 

A Candid Conversation with Public Health Laboratory Scientists and Partners on the Future of the US Public Health System

Core Functions of Public Health Laboratories 

Pamphlet Describes the Role and Value of Public Health Laboratories in Protecting Our Nation’s Health (Updated 2014)

Definition of a State Public Health Laboratory System

Updated by APHL Laboratories Systems and Standards Committee, June 2010

Data Summary - 2010 Core Laboratory Profiles Survey 

Report Provides a Snapshot of State Public Health Laboratory Activities in 2010 Across All Central Categories