​​​​​​​​​In February 2011, the CLSS 2010 survey was distributed to 50 state public health laboratories and the District of Columbia public health laboratory. Of the 51 labo​​ratories, 49 (96.1%) completed the survey.

CLSS 2010: Respondents Meeting the Healthy People ObjectiveSimilar to CLSS 2008 survey, states were more likely to meet the sub-objectives related to traditional public health laboratory functions, such as disease surveillance and reference testing. A significant increase was seen in food safety, laboratory improvement, and training objectives. Other areas, such as partnerships and environmental testing, were less often met. Overall, there was improvement in the average number of objectives met: 2006 (5.85 objectives met per state), 2008 (6.22 objectives met per state) and 2010 (7.71 objectives met per state).

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