Host a regional environmental health meeting! Funds and counsel are currently available for the planning, execution and evaluation of an environmental health regional meeting to be hosted by an APHL member laboratory.

​Hosting this meeting is an opportunity to bring together professionals from the multiple disciplines that constitute the environmental health system, in an effort to both foster communication and determine gaps in community services.


Application deadline: February 8, 2016
Meeting occurrence: Early-late spring (flexible)
Final report deadline: June 15, 2016


For details on how to complete the application, please review the RFP.

  1. How do we use the funds after receiving contract from APHL (if awarded)? It says on pg. 3 : "funds will not support a current staff member in whole or part." Does this mean that any lab staff working on the project has to have in-kind support only?
  2. A: They can not be reimbursed from this project for time spent on working on the project?
    I believe that this refers to the fact that we cannot support salary so no one can be hired as a staff member for this project. In other words the funds cannot be billed for salary expenses. You will likely have staff working on this project but they cannot have salary paid for with these grant funds.

  3. Can we use funds for travel for any out of state partners ? Hotel, per diem, transportation, etc.?
  4. A: Yes you can.

  5. Can we use funds for refreshments, lunch, etc. for the meeting/s?
  6. A: Yes

  7. [Question Partially Redacted]
    Do you think we will qualify for this funding, even though we are funded by CDC for ***. As a consortium we basically do what the RFP is is asking for. We bring together laboratorians and health professionals from the ***-consortium states together to discuss issues and progress.
  8. A: Yes, you may apply for this funding.


View the RFP for details



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