​​​​​​​​​​​​Statement of Need 

The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) is seeking proposals from qualified organizations to implement a Workforce Acceleration Initiative to advance the goals of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Data Modernization Initiative (DMI)  and the Public Health Data Strategy (PHDS) , led by the Office of Public Health Data, Surveillance, and Technology (OPHDST) . Specifically, this initiative aims to accelerate State, Tribal, Local and Territorial (STLT) progress on Public Health Data Goals through strategic workforce placement and expansion.  ​


Eligibility ​

This is an open and competitive process.


RF​​P Schedule ​

APHL will follow the anticipated RFP schedule unless otherwise modified on APHL’s procurement site https://www.aphl.org/rfp/Pages/default.aspx . If there is a change to the RFP schedule following the letter of intent deadline, APHL will also contact the main point of contact identified in their letter of intent directly. Applicants must meet the following three important submission deadlines related to this RFP: the letter of intent email, final response submission and, if applicable, revised or updated submission. Please Note: Applicants who submit proposals in advance of the deadline may withdraw, modify, and resubmit proposals at any time prior to the indicated deadline. 

   Due dates have a 5:30pm ET deadline unless otherwise indicated  

RFP Schedule Date
RFP Issued09/29/2023
Informational Teleconference (optional)
Register in Advance / Watch zoom call here​
Letter of Intent (required) 10/09/2023
Questions and Clarifications Deadline10/15/2023
Final Responses Due (required) 10/30/2023
Submission Evaluation Period Ends
(including follow-up questions and outreach to vendors if necessary)

Final compliance review completed, and awardee notified11/17/2023

RFP Materials

APHL will post all RFP-related documents, current schedule information and answers to all submitted questions and clarifications on APHL's procurement site, The official RFP​​ document will provide detailed information in regards to this request, please read it in its entirety.​

Questions and Answers​​

Cooperave agreement subaward as opposed to a contract?

Anticipation of subsequent continuation (funding) of this effort?

Is there a connection with the Public Health Informatics and Technology (PHIT) Workforce Development Program award under ONC?

Is this envisioned to be a single sub-award or is there the possibility of multiple regional awards?

Are there particular types of organizations in mind who are best positioned to execute on this requirement?

Rolling answers to questions?

Is this a technical assistance and alternative employee placement opportunity, or is this a true workforce development pipeline project?

Would funding go to the STLTS to hire embedded experts as employees or would the embedded experts be employed by the awardee organization?

Can protections be added to the Cooperative Agreement around potential staff poaching?

Given the complexity of the work for the short period of performance, should the offerors consider teaming partners prior to award, or will the offering organization be expected to issue subsequent RFPs which will take more time?

Given the complexity of the work and short period of performance, what SLAs should be in place? Clarification: The question pertains to the performance / response expectations from STLT’s to the subawardee here to make sure needs are identified and addressed, for example if a state PHA requests a consult or placement of an expert term. Based on the timing and needs requested, it may affect the team structure and agreements of the subawardee with potential partners. If potential SLAs are unknown, should the offeror propose them or propose when such things will be decided within the overall program plan?

Management section: Are there existing tools that APHL would like the offeror to use?

Management section: a. Can APHL identify current risk mitigation and communication processes? b. Will these need to be coordinated with CDC or other parties?

Given the broad nature of the services and relatively large budget, are there key deliverables, work products, outcomes or key performance indicators APHL and CDC are prioritizing?

Will the existing PH workforce needs assessments be provided?

Are there existing information sharing platforms that are preferred?

What has APHL and CDC done to ensure STLTs are ready to receive staff placements? This was done during COVID, and under other programs over the years, but onboarding processes for personnel vary by STLT and can take weeks or longer. a. Will metrics and evaluations be expected to incorporate this possibility for delays? b. Are mitigating efforts in place/underway​

Can you provide any additional information regarding the type of agreement APHL intends to award? (contract, grant, cooperative agreement etc.).

Will fee/profit be an allowable cost under this mechanism?

Does APHL plan to release Q&A received from all potential bidders?

Is there an overall estimate of how many staff will need to be recruited and placed?

Will supporting staff be required to be on site at public health departments or can then be remote?

Is it assumed that agencies where staff are placed will furnish business equipment such as computers and phones?

Do we know if there will be any security badging requirements (federal, state or otherwise) for placed staff?

Regarding the requirement for “three (3) references letters” on page 5, is APHL seeking three references (i.e. names and contact information) or three actual letters signed by customers? Considering that contracting offices often struggle to turn items around in a timely manner, would APHL accept other methods of documenting customer success? For example, would you accept federal Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) reports (instead of letters) as testimony to contract performance?

To give applicants more time to form project teams and fully develop their project approaches, will APHL please consider extending the due date by two weeks?