APHL, in cooperation with CDC/EDLB, is seeking applicants to coordinate PulseNet Web Portal activities, analyze Shigella certification and proficiency tests submitted to CDC by participating PulseNet laboratories, assist with maintenance of Salmonella Typhimurium entries in the PulseNet Salmonella database and other PulseNet database tasks as assigned.


Eligible applicants include organizations with one or more staff members that have, or individuals with the following experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in life science, or health/laboratory field; master’s degree in life science or health/laboratory field preferred;
  • Minimum of eight (8) years of PulseNet related work experience;
  • Working knowledge and experience using BioNumerics software and the PulseNet Masterscripts;
  • Working knowledge and experience using the PulseNet Web Portal; and
  • Working knowledge and experience using the PulseNet PFGE protocols for certification and proficiency testing.

Anticipated RFP Schedule

At this time, APHL anticipates the following schedule:

September 14, 2015               – RFP issued
October 14, 2015                   – RFP responses due
October 18, 2015                    – Proposal review completed
October 21, 2015                   – Final review completed and PulseNet Support selected
October 28, 2015                   – Contract finalized and PulseNet Support begins

Request for Proposal Materials

The PulseNet Support RFP provides details on how to complete this RFP. The RFP contains a copy of the scoring criteria that will be used for evaluation of proposals in Appendix B. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Adams for assistance.

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