​​OnDemand Training on Computer​​​​The APHL Training Portal is a new digital repository for online courses and some archived webinars. You can view and enroll in a range of free training courses, from Laboratory Ethics to Tuberculosis Specimen Handling. The portal tracks course progress and enables you to complete training on your own sch​​edule.

Access the APHL Training Portal

To access the APHL Training Portal for the first time:

  1. Navigate​ to the APHL Training Portal

  2. S​elect Login, then select Create an Account

  3. Select Catalog to view the available courses and enroll

  4. APHL members should email phl.training@aphl.org for a free access code

​​​Find More APHL Trainings

To find APHL’s other training opportunities—such as resources, tools and other events—please visit the APHL Laboratory Trainings and Events webpage.