NLTN Hands-on Lab Workshops

​Hands-on laboratory, or “wet workshops,” combine lecture, discussion and state-of-the-art laboratory exercises. To receive information about hands-on laboratory workshops, please share your contact information.

Upcoming Workshops

Application closed 16S rRNA Sequence Based Bacterial Identification 2/22-24/2017 OR 5/3-5/2017

Application closed Diagnostic Mycobacteriology 3/ 28-31/ 2017

Application closed Algorithms in Diagnostic Molecular Parasitology March 7-10, 2016  

Application closed Laboratory Methods for Detecting Rabies Virus April 4-7, 2017

Applicaton closed Integrating Measuring and Monitoring Laboratory Quality Improvements February 15-16, 2017 

Applicaton closed Laboratory Identification of Emerging Pathogenic Molds-An Advanced Course May 16-18, 2017

Train the Trainer: Designing an​d Conducting Training for the Sentinel Laboratory May 18-19, 2017 Omaha, NE

Laboratory Investigation of Foodborne Illness May 23-26, 2017 St. Paul, MN


Save the Dates

Application materials will be available soon. Contact Karen Ching at 404.498.6403 or for more information. ​

Hands-On Laboratory Workshops Contact Information

Please contact Pam Moleta if you are interested in Hands-On Workshops.