The National Laboratory Training Network (NLT​N™) is a training system sponsored by APHL and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. NLTN delivers high quality laboratory training on topics of public health significance for public health laboratory and sentinel laboratory  professionals. Trainings range from public health laboratory webinars to packaging and shipping seminars to a variety of hands-on laboratory workshops.
Most training offers P.A.C.E.® continuing education credit. Training is developed based on needs assessments and evaluated to assure they meet students’ needs.

NLTN: Building the Public Health Laboratory Workforce

The NLTN™ aims to strengthen public health laboratory workforce readiness by building the skills of the laboratory professionals who perform testing of public health significance. Since its inception, the NLTN™ has presented over 5,000 courses, reaching over 300,000 laboratory professionals.

Hands-on Workshops 

Online Courses 


Free Public Health Laboratory Webinar Series