​When presenting on behalf of APHL or on your own, we want to help our members communicate as clearly and inclusively as possible. Below you will find guidance, support and tools you can use to ensure that you deliver a high-quality, engaging and impactful session.

APHL Speaker & Presentation Content and Conduct Guidelines

When presenting at an APHL function you are, by extension, representing APHL. We ask that you help us uphold our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and general respect and integrity.

The following are conduct guidelines that any speaker must adhere to at an APHL-sponsored event or when representing APHL:

Ensure Information is Accessible

It's essential to ensure that all viewers or participants can engage on an equal level with your content, so we ask that you try to anticipate the needs of your whole audience and consider multiple ways of engagement and communication. 

In-depth explanations for how to accommodate a wide range of meeting/presentation-related accessibility needs is available from advocates like the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Use Respectful and Inclusive Language, Images and Content

It's essential that all participants feel welcome and comfortable at your presentation. Please follow CDC's list of Preferred Terms for Select Population Groups & Communities for alternatives to common inappropriate terms.

Non-compliant Presentations

APHL has the right to remove or cancel presentations with offensive or otherwise inappropriate language, images or other content. 

If you encounter a presentation or materials that you feel violates the guidelines above, please contact us via either info@aphl.org or APHL's anonymous ethics hotline so they can be evaluated and appropriate action can be taken.